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  • 24/10/2017.

Ultimate BBQ using the real BBQ Manual: A Guide to Cooking with Grills, Chimeneas, Brick Ovens and Spits (Haynes Owners Workshop Manuals (Hardcover) by Ben Bartlett(Author) Starting at the dawn of the barbecue, this 192 Page BBQ Manual traces the origins of this popular worldwide cooking method until the present day, to include modern outdoor cooking options such as chimineas, brick ovens, earth ovens and Southern barbecue pits.From marinades and rubs to the infamous beer-can chicken, the BBQ Manual contains BBQ Ben's top 100 mouth-watering recipes, from his fruity tomato and strawberry glaze to meaty feasts for the more adventurous - pigs' trotters, kangaroo kebabs, barbecued octopus and grilled shark.

BBQ Manuals All inclusive

But barbecues aren't just about meat - recipes for fish, shellfish, vegetarian dishes, sauces, salads, breads and pizza are all included, along with basic techniques, such as smoking, to liven the palate.

This savoury feast is topped off with a variety of sweet and fruity desserts, such as grilled peaches with raspberry sauce, and grilled bananas with Irish cream liqueur. Gas or charcoal, briquettes or lumpwood, direct or indirect cooking, lid on or lid off - it's all included in the Haynes BBQ Manual. No stone - or burger - is left unturned.


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If you ever wondered if there was a single all-encompassing solution to all your BBQ and grilling needs, well, look no further as here it is.

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Year 2018 for BBQ, this the way forward!

There is no doubt that 2018 looks set to be the year of the barbecue – as we all know everyone loves a Barbecue and will crack out the Barbie for any excuse be it a birthday, Christening or maybe even a wedding. So if you want to avoid burnt sausages and blackened burgers this is definitely the time to invest in the BBQ: Owners’ Grilling Manual - the complete guide to buying, lighting and successfully cooking on a barbecue.

BBQ ManualsBen Bartlett

The author Ben Bartlett is twice winner of the 'Best BBQer’ award from the British Barbecue Association and is now the Association’s president and the UK’s most successful barbecue champion. Unlike most guides, the BBQ Manual covers all the basics - gas or charcoal, briquettes or lumpwood, direct or indirect cooking - it’s all here. Plus over 100 recipes, including marinades, rubs and relishes, advanced techniques such as spit roasting, hot smoking and southern barbecue pits.

BBQ Manuals Covers it all

And it’s not just barbecues - the book features a whole range of increasingly popular outdoor cooking tools, from chimneas to braziers, smoking ovens to fire pits. In typical easy-to-follow Haynes style, the BBQ Manual shows you how to choose the right barbecue, how to light it, what equipment to invest in, and vital health and safety information needed to prepare and cook food.

BBQ Manuals Top bbq tips

The book is peppered with Ben’s tips, here are his top five:

• Spray chicken with unsweetened apple juice to keep it moist and help prevent it from burning.

• Before cooking wrap chicken breasts in cling film and flatten them slightly to help them grill evenly.

• If you marinade any meat in a zip lock bag it will marinade in half the time.

• Sugar burns very easily so if your sauce contains sugar apply it at the end of cooking.

• When using a food thermometer to test meat cooked on the bone, make sure the

• probe doesn’t touch the bone, as this will give an inaccurate reading.

BBQ ManualsJohn Lewis’s

John Lewis’s 2010 sales figures also suggested that consumers are willing to pay more for their barbecues. But you don’t need to spend a fortune to eat outdoors - the BBQ Manual shows you how to make a simple campfire, so anyone can get roasting.

Author Ben Bartlett says: "With major sporting events and the continuing trend for 'staycations’, this will be one of the biggest ever years for barbecues. So it is worth doing it right and making sure all your guests enjoy their food and stay healthy. In the summer months, many cases of food poisoning are caused by badly cooked barbecue food, so it is vital that you learn how to barbecue properly, making sure all the meat is well-cooked through."

recipe selection

Ben’s recipe selection proves that you really can cook anything on a barbecue. Going a step further than basic meat and fish grilling, it includes home smoking, a whole hog roast, puddings, pizzas and the once tried but never forgotten 'beer can chicken’.

Whether you are an old hand at barbecue cooking, or a first timer, this indispensable reference guide covers every aspect of eating outdoors.

The Author

'BBQ’ Ben Bartlett was the first ever winner of Britain’s 'Best BBQer’ title awarded by the National BBQ Association. As well as writing regularly for the trade press, he has written for the Guardian and Sunday Times and appeared on numerous TV programmes, including This Morning and Ready Steady Cook. He is president of the British BBQ Association and competes around the world with the Best of British BBQ Team.

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