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The Best Chrombook

Like the five fingers of your hand, your need is different from others when it comes to purchasing a laptop. For instance, you are in sales and need to login frequently while visiting markets within your assigned territory. What do you do then? Will you buy the latest Mac or Windows laptop for the purpose? To our experience, mostly the answer is a 'No'. Hence, you need to look for something cheap that suits your budget. There come Chromebooks bespoke to your unique need.

Chromebook bespoke


Key features of Chromebooks:

  • Chromebooks have already established as a product to be reckoned in the markets around the world with their user-friendly features.
  • More and more people are finding Chromebooks convenient and useful for their purpose. In short, Chromebooks are increasingly looking like perfect laptops to many around the world.
  • If your job is to browse through the pages for long hours, Chromebooks are just perfect for you with basic operations. Chromebooks are reasonably priced. The price of a Chromebook can be as low as $300 that befits your budget while works flawlessly and fine with your requirement.
  • However, you may face some trade-offs here. If you are desperate about the better screen and the performance of a Chromebook, you have to fork out a little more somewhere near $ 1,000.
  • In short, you can make a budget purchase of a Chromebook bespoke to your use. Chromebooks do not come with office software. But, they have Google Docs to work on. Apps that you find with Mac and Windows books are absent here though non-existence of those apps on Chromebooks doesn't hamper your usage pattern.
  • Ask yourself how very often and what all apps you had been using on your Mac and Windows book and you will then be able to figure out the importance of those apps to you.

According to the expert's opinion, Dell Chromebook 13 and Acer Chromebook 11 are the winners here.

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