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  • 11/08/2017.

The Samsung Notebook 9 Pro is a new laptop by Samsung that comes in two variants - 13.3 and 15 inches and is a convertible two-in-one laptop. This new offering from Samsung is several shades of simple and the electronics company focused mainly on the Air Command software and the S-Pen technology.At $1,299.99, we decided to test the laptop and see what it does. The first thing you would notice is the fact that the laptop is a very stylish one, as it features some of the latest stylus and touchscreen technology by Samsung. In terms of appearance and functions, we found the laptop quite impressive and we will be discussing what we discovered in this hands-on review.

Things we liked in the Samsung Notebook 9 Pro

  • It comes at a great price. At $1,299, the laptop is worth its price.
  • It offers the same functions as its rivals, if not more.
  • 360 hybrid, brilliant.
  • Its battery life is impressive, lasting for as long as 8 hours.
  • It has a lot of ports which include the USB-C and USB 3.1 as well as a microSD card reader port.
  • A color-rich and sharp screen that works well under sunlight just as much as it does indoors.
  • The S-Pen and the fact that it does not need to be charged before use.

Things we did not like in the Samsung Notebook 9 Pro

  • We would have preferred if the S-Pen had a little more weight.
  • The speakers could have been better placed.
  • The bottom bezel on the display is a bit thick.


The Notebook Pro 9 is quite an affordable device for its specifications. The 15-inch variant goes for $1,299 while the 13-inch variant costs $1,099. We were not informed about the price when we were testing this and at these prices and at this power, it’s a steal!


Total score


This is a hybrid laptop in which we are particularly impressed. if you are not a fan of laptops such as the Notebook 9 Pro, there is a likely chance that you would be a great fan of this one. It gives close rivals a good run for their money.It is a gorgeous laptop with its 360-degree sturdy hinges and it offers a great deal of convenience and power.

Design & Features

Samsung designed the lid and keyboard deck of the Notebook Pro 9 to be more curved and made use of thin bezels on the display’s sides. The laptop weighs 1.7kg (3.79 pounds). The keyboard deck is pretty wide and spacious with enough room for the keyboard and trackpad to sit comfortably. the backlit keys have enough space in between them, the page control keys and arrow keys are well spaced. The speakers are placed at the base of the laptop.

The screen is not a disappointment for Samsung’s level and it is as color-rich as any of the previous displays Samsung has made. With a resolution of 1080p, Samsung calls the display of the Note Pro 9 a Real View display with its ability to shine at 450 nits brightness in outdoor mode and 350 nits in normal mode. This makes it possible to use the laptop in a sunny outdoor environment without having to fiddle with the brightness keys.

See our Video Review on the Samsung Notebook 9 Pro here:

The S-Pen on Windows 10

This is a pretty clever move by Samsung – including the S-Pen. The stylus pen has a slot at the right side of the base of the laptop and the good thing is, the S-Pen does not need to be charged. It offers about 4,096 levels of pressure sensitivity and it is a strong competitor with Microsoft’s own Surface Pen which does pretty much the same thing but is heavier and requires charging for it to function.

Once you pull out the S-Pen from its sheath, a radial menu comes up on the screen. This is known as Air Command and from this menu of options, you can create a note and view all notes, as well as other options like Smart Select, Screen and Show Window.

The S-Pen feels incredibly fast and is perfect to use. While drawing or writing, the digital ink does not lead in excess and this is because of the strong display response. Rather than the eraser which Microsoft’s Surface Pen comes with, the button-based eraser in the S-Pen works pretty well and is more fun to use.


The Notebook 9 Pro comes with 16Gb of DDR4 memory so multitasking is pretty fluid and flawless. You can open as many tabs as you want. The touchscreen responds very well

The laptop sets a priority of whatever it is you are doing and helps you get to it in time and in style. This was put first before all other factors while making this laptop. This is perhaps why Samsung decided to use 1080 Full HD display instead of using a 4K screen resolution. This decision and many others have contributed to the seemingly “perfect performance” you will get from the Notebook 9 Pro.

Battery life

We got different battery life results in our two tests of the battery which goes a long way in proving how the battery should not be trusted. When compared with other devices like the HP device, the HP device beat the Notebook 9 Pro by an hour. In the video playback test, the Notebook Pro beat the HP device by almost three hours.

Apart from these tests, the battery spent between 6 to 8 hours from general usage. This probably as a result of the battery saving feature which Microsoft brought into the Windows 10. The battery life is impressive at 6 to 8 hours and what even makes it better is its support for fast charging. Through the laptop’s USB C-port, the laptop charges fully within a very short period of time. That is a huge win in our opinion.

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