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  • Mr Steven Right |
  • 17/10/2017.

Aircraft Vacuums sent us one of their most popular robotic vacuums, the Pilot MAX for us to have a good look at! We have now had this for over 4 months and can with confidence state that this is one good solid built little vacuum cleaner.

What we liked about the Robotic Vacuum Pilot Max:

  • Solid Quality Build
  • Massive Main and Rubber brush (Max Dirt)
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to maintain
  • Easy to operate
  • Transverse most surfaces
  • Deep Cleans and Just keeps going

What we didn’t like about the Robotic Vacuum Pilot Max:

  • Nothing really – it’s a bargain at this price point.

Pilot MAX Robotic Vacuum Design

Its design is of a simple plastic shell but with dot switch type sensors covering one half of its circular front, these are there to make sure that it detects obstacles in its path and, to us, indicates a better build as most others have a simple half round push plate at the front. The top part also has the main touch controls for the machine and also three indicator lights showing what the machine is doing or intended to be doing, such as if its in Auto mode, needing and going for a Charge or set in Spot mode.

The top also has a small dark circular top hat, this is the vacuums sensor to find it way home again.


Total score


A really well thought out multi surface vacuum cleaner with a price tag very reasonable price tag for what it does and can do. After extensive usage and a lot of dirt collection we can also testify to its build quality.

Here is our video Review on the Pilot Max, A Robotic Vacuum for the masses:

Pilot MAX Robotic Vacuum - Its working range

We tried this machine on all sorts of floors including stone and vinyl and it kept cleaning, not only that, it comes with a polishing cover addition to its main filter unit that allows for it to polish the floors as well, we didn’t try it as we didn’t have the need for it, but its another great addition to a otherwise full floor cleaning set.

The main brush rotor is very large and covers a large portion of the machines underside, this brush is also complimented with a rubber brush which really goes deep into any carpet removing deep dirt and making sure that all dirt is lifted and captured by the main brush. We can say that we have never seen so much dirt coming out of our carpets, even after we vacuumed it with a normal vacuum cleaner.

The main two drive wheels are on deep sprung springs that allows the unit to drive up and over, almost, any door threshold and carpet edge, for us with a mixed range of carpet to wood floors and plenty of rugs this really is a great system to make sure that it get to all corners of the rooms its in.

It has one side brush that sweeps all light dirt like hair away from wall sides and into the machine, if you look at our video you will see how effective this rotating brush really is.

On the front of the machine you also get two optical sensors that makes sure that the vacuum cleaner does not fall of an edge, like a stair case, and it also have another detector light that will try to determine what type of floor its cleaning.

In reality we could not tell if this floor detection work as the end result was always good to perfect! So we assume it does.

Pilot MAX Robotic Vacuum Dust and Dirt collection

The main dirt collector is at its back and it slides easily out from the unit with a simple hand grip, squeeze and pull.

When release you can instantly see that its main compartment is covered by a wide comb like structure and this collects the main dirt from the main brush. The sides of this comb like part has two red tabs and once you pull them up the thing opens up and the dirt can easily be poured out into any dust bin.

Under this dirt collector is the main air filter, this opens by simply lifting it cover plat and you’ll be surprised how much dust this cleaner really collects!

Pilot MAX Robotic Vacuum battery life

Its battery life is about 60 min to 90 min depending on the type of carpet its cleaning, it will use a lot more energy on carpet than on a wood floor.

HOWEVER, we never felt that the battery life was an issue, when it needed more juice it simply lumbered back to its base to get some more, it was like a perpetual motion machine in the house, it was always cleaning.

Pilot MAX Robotic Vacuum Remote and calendar.

This unit comes with a remote that lets you set times for cleaning and on what days, based on a 7 day week calendar. We, however, didn’t really use any of the function on the remote and just let it get on with things. We found that by turning it off at night was far better for us so we set unit for that, it has been cleaning every day, 7 days a week but not between 6pm and 7am! Works a treat.

Pilot MAX Robotic Vacuum Alarms

We found that the 5 main error codes are more than sufficient for it to tell you what it needs to have done to it if it blares out an alarm bleep.

However, after a couple of weeks we got so used to knowing what it needed that we rarely needed to look at the remote.

The main alarms would be that it had caught something in its brushes that clogged it or it got stuck between something and that was it.

Pilot MAX Robotic Vacuum Cleaning and maintenance

There are two main cleaning stages to this machine.

The first is to empty its main dirt collector and its filter, an absolute doddle!

The second is to clean its mechanical bits such as its brushes.

The machines ingenious design comes into its own here! The main two brushes comes off by simply lifting a leaver arm and cleaning them takes no time at all, long gone are the days of a pair of scissors cutting at hair trapped in the mechanics. The enclosed hand held brush and wide grooved comb makes cleaning the main brush as simple as brushing you hair.

The side brush can also have some hair caught into it, and that’s why you have a screwdriver delivered with this machine, its to be able to, also, take this brush of its mounting and remove any hairs caught here.

Pilot MAX Robotic Vacuum Coverage

We don’t know the algorithm (random walk or not) that controls the method this robotic vacuum uses to cover the room surfaces but whatever it is, its working. We deliberately left bits on the floor in places its already been to see if it would cover it again and it did, rooms with this unit inside it were always covered at least once.

Pilot MAX Robotic Vacuum Pyramid shaped optical block

The Vacuum Robot is also supplied with a pyramid shaped optical block that allows you to block the robots clean area with ease! Say you have a room and half of it is covered in baby toys which you know this machine will have trouble with then using the blocker simply block that part of the room off!

We tested it in the kitchen set up and it worked great, it backed of the invisible optical line that was set by the block, a very effective was to control the unit.

What’s in the Pilot MAX Robotic Vacuum box


Mop attachment.

The remote-control unit.

A screwdriver.

The mains charger.

The pyramid optical block.

The main machine.

A spare brush.

A spare filer.

A cleaner.

And the main base station

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