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  • 16/11/2017.

This is our Roberts Radio, Roberts R100 Radio review and unboxing. Today we are going to look at the latest offering from Roberts Radio in the Multi Room arena, The R100 but before we do here are a few interesting facts.How many people do you think listen to the radio each year? Well even we were surprised to learn the statistics. The latest figures from trade body RAJAR are claiming over 48 million adults in the UK listen to the radio each week – That is incredible - That’s almost 90 per cent of people aged 14 and over.

What we liked about the R100

  • Great sound.
  • Great looking design.
  • Premium product
  • Easy to use menu.
  • A radio that is also a Bluetooth wireless speaker
  • Option to use two R- series speaks as a stereo pair

What we didn’t like about the R100

  • Nothing really to unlike!

Roberts Radio the R100 Price

With that many people tuning in so often, you’d hope that they will be doing so on a decent radio. At just under £300 the Roberts R100 has a pretty nice price tag, and we think that the cost is matched by its performance.


Total score


We have had this Robert R100 Radio for over two weeks now and it’s been with us constantly, the reception has been flawless, and its portability can’t be argued. It’s a great little DAB radio with a massive reach and punch!

Roberts Radio the R100 Design

Our first impressions are that the Roberts R100 doesn’t look like your average radio. There are no tuning or volume dials for a kick off. - it has been designed to look like a wireless speaker that’s been augmented with a full colour screen and aerial.

There are navigation buttons on the right-hand side of the colour screen as well as volume and power buttons on the left.

The buttons are used to switch through the R100’s various sources – Internet radio, FM radio and DAB, as well as Spotify Connect and Bluetooth for wireless use with smartphones and tablets.

Our video review on the Roberts Radio the R100

Roberts Radio the R100 Ethernet

There’s also an ethernet connection for a more stable connection. The R100 supports dual-band 2.4GHz and 5Ghz signals, which reduces the risk of dropout, and there’s a 3.5mm input As well as a USB port for easy playback of personal music files.

You are also able to stream your music collection from PC/Mac/NAS

Roberts Radio the R100 UNDOK app

There is a smartphone app available for this speaker called Undok which is a third-party multi-room platform, and although its not made specifically by Roberts Radio – it works extremely well. It’s quite quick and clear and allows the user to control the main features and functions of the Roberts Radio R100. The Undok app is compatible for both iOS and Android

We prefer using the smartphone app for controlling the radio, as it’s much quicker to search for radio stations using the search bar than it is to go through the layers of menus.

However, neither buttons or apps are quite the same as the satisfying click of a dial as you cycle through your inputs or turn up the volume.

Roberts Radio the R100 Screen and icons

The icons on the screen are large and clear, the buttons – are simply laid out and feel good to press, and the handle is comfortable to hold. That handle will come in useful if you add the £40 battery-pack, which gives you 12 hours of portable life.

If you are like many people of today who prefer to be woken up by the radio, the Roberts R100 comfortably does that too. There are two separate alarms that will each activate the DAB, FM, or Internet station of your choice or a normal buzzer.

Roberts Radio the R100 EQ Settings and Pre-Settings

There are 120 pre-sets you can set up in total – These split equally between internet radio, DAB, and FM – and take a modicum of control over the radio’s overall sound using the R100’s various EQ settings.

Many listeners might find changing to the ‘Jazz’ mode better when listening to jazz, but those that like a range of music might not want to keep fiddling with the settings menu, so we would recommend keeping it on ‘Natural’.

With so many stations to choose from, how well does the Roberts R100 handle their sound?

Roberts Radio the R100 Multiroom and multi capabilities

This speaker is a part of the Roberts Radio R-Line multi-room product range. There are several models, plus a Soundbar The Roberts R100 has two small treble drivers, one large bass driver and a bass radiator, which uses the air driven by the large bass driver to push another driver that amplifies bass.

This radio puts across midrange speech really well – and, arguably, that’s the most important quality. We go through an array of our favourite stations and the R100 keeps up with the variety of voices without any harshness or distortion.

The R100 is well defined and spacious, its sound stretching out into our demonstration area.

You also have the option of adding 2 R -Series speakers as a stereo pair should you wish.

Robert’s R100 is a more-than-suitable source for stations from Britain to the furthest corners of the broadcasting world. It’s easy to use and its sound quality means no matter what you’re playing through its numerous sources you’ll enjoy what you hear.

Whether you’re looking to replace an old FM radio, or you want something to fill your lounge or kitchen with a bit more music, the R100 is a great choice.

Roberts Radio the R100 Key Features

• x2 treble driver

• x1 bass driver

• For use as a single speaker or part of a multi-room system

• Multiroom through Undok

• DAB/DAB+/FM/Internet radio

• Stereo speaker with Wi-Fi & Bluetooth connectivity to stream from your PC or smartphone

• Full colour display and on-device control

• Can be used as either a left or right speaker in a stereo set-up

• Highly portable with a leather carry strap and optional battery pack which gives up to 12 hours of playback

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