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  • Mr Steven Right |
  • 06/12/2017.

This is our take on the Infinite Air Portable Wind Turbine by TEX Energy, a portable wind power turbine.This little Wind Turbine is remarkably powerful producing 7.5 to 10 Watts in 15mph wind, which makes it ideal as a survivalist and equally as a emergency tool for anyone that might need power in a non power location. Indeed it can also be used, with its clamp, on a car, trailer or caravan, and on anything that the clamp can fit around so also ideal for general use at a camping site or tenting as well.

What we liked about this Portable Wind Turbine

  • Very Lightweight and compact
  • Very efficient in power generation
  • High Quality Precision engineered parts
  • Clamp is impressive
  • The bag is also truly impressive
  • IP65 Rated
  • Universal Camera Mounts
  • Multi USB cable included

What we didn’t like about this Portable Wind Turbine

  • The only thing would be the length of the USB cable.

setting up the Portable Wind Turbine

Setting it up is easy and involves attaching either its tripod stand or its Vice like Clamp.


Total score


We are very impressed with this Infinite Air Portable Wind Turbine, its individual pieces are of extraordinary quality and have been engineered to perfection. The power level is as advertised and we can see a myriad of uses for this device. The Extra items that we received are equally good including the Clamp and the Multi USB Charger cable!We do look forward to more products coming to us from TEX Energy as this is a winner in our books.

Our Video Review on this Wind Turbine

Trying it out the Portable Wind Turbine

To try it out we set it up in our garden and connected it to a mobile phone, do observe that we pegged it down with some simple tent pegs, however, that might not have been necessary as it’s rather stable on its own.

Portable Wind Turbine - The bag

We also found that the bag came real useful here as we could place the phone in it and leave it charging, fully protected.

Portable Wind Turbine - The clamp

Using the clamp we also tried it in a tree.

It worked fine but needs an extension USB cable to allow for a better placement of the mobile phone.

We also used the clamp on our car and this worked a treat. You can turn it any which way and once secured its rock solid!

We also thought of the ide that with a little extra length ion the USB cable it could charge your phone or battery pack in the car with the windows shut (without breaking the cable of course) and this would then allow you to leave the unit charging whilst your phone is secure in the car.

Unboxing the Portable Wind Turbine

Let’s have a lock at what you get in the box.

We got four items with this.

A Multi Purpose USB charging wire.

The ever so useful Clamp.

A product Catalogue.

And the main box.

The clamp comes with a multi positional head.

The Multi Purpose USB charging wire covers the three main USB charging ports being:

Apple Lightening.

Micro USB.

And USB C.

And its Ultra Easy to use and to swap between needs.

What’s Inside the main Portable Wind Turbine pack

Inside you’ll find a simple Quick Start Guide

A versatile multi hold mountaineering type of bag

Inside that you’ll find all the pieces need to make this Wind Power Station, neatly wrapped.

The main generator and producing 7.5 to 10 Watts in 15mph wind, its very impressive performance from such a small generator.

A waterproof power connector to USB cable.

The precision milled aluminum Central Blade hub.

The Tripod Stand With adjustable head

The three blades.

And that’s what we got with this unit.

Assembling the Portable Wind Turbine

Put the blades on the central hub, and they do slide in easily enough.

Then simply hold the main base turning plate and spin the central hub to attach it to the generator.

The base you screw into the generator and that’s that, a fully functional wind power station.

Disassembly of the Portable Wind Turbine

Each part slots in seamlessly into its dedicated bag, this bag is then ready to be attached to your backpack or belt or Bergen, or anything else, as there it’s not a lot this bag cannot attach to.

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