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By Monika | 24/09/2016 15:53:59


• Fast heating

• Sleek design

• Solid vapor production

• Concentrate support

Smokers have always been keen to know the distinctive ways to take their fad on the go without arousing too much doubt. Herbal vaporizers like Pax have recently offered a subtle way to vape anywhere, without negotiating on vapor production or features. The Pax 3 endures that practice with an innovative BLE connected app, concentrate support, and enhanced heating times.  

Design: The Pax 3 is no more different in size than the Pax 2. It’s really hard to comment anything for comparative size, but it is sufficient to say that the device easily fits in your hand, with the ends spiking out a bit from each side. Pax 3 is now refined to a high shine instead of a matte brushed finish. The modification surely looks remarkable, but it is important to find out that it may get scratch easily over time, particularly considering the state of Pax 1 after a few years. A spot for an elevated or flat mouthpiece is present on the one end of the device. On the other end, there is a magnetic lid, which keeps your substantial matter in the bowls or oven. It has been found that the tightly packed ovens formed the most vapor, so Pax has encompassed an oven lid with a larger flange, so as not to load it completely full to attain the same effect. The Pax 3 is still not easy to load. You need to balance the device with the mouthpiece on a flat surface, and pack down finely ground material. Hit it over and you’ll direct all of that good stuff flying. The same 3D-printed funnel and tamper has been used in Pax 3 as in previous versions which helped smooth out the process, but the risk is still there.

Controls: The Pax3 uses an accelerometer and single button for all of its controls, with a four-petal RGB LED readout on the front. When we press the button once, it turns the Pax on and off, while pressing the button for a few seconds will open the temperature settings. There are several functioning modes, and they are retrieved by rolling the Pax around in your hands like an ear of corn. Three turns starts party mode, which reduces the temperature so it’s easier to pass around without burning anything off. There are games, like Simon, and light modes that turn the device into a colorful light baton. It’s an innovative control system, but it’s not exactly spontaneous, and rotations can be an unreliable way of changing modes.

Heating Methods: It is certainly imperative to talk about different heating methods while discussing herbal vaporizers. The Pax 3, like its previous versions, uses conductive heating. A heating element heats up the walls of the oven, and your breath pulls the vapor out of the chamber. Moveable vaporizers like the Firefly 2 and Magic Flight Launch Box produce the heat outside of the bowl, and use your breath to pull hot air through the materials. This implies that Pax has to be continually used once turned on. When no one is drawing the vapors out, the lip sensor will turn the temperature down and settle it down.

Heats fast, vapes faster: One of most impressive enhancement in Pax 3 is the faster heating over the Pax 2. It now takes around 10 or 20 seconds to reach vaping temperatures, twice as quick as the previous iteration. With the rise of pre-loaded CO2 cartridges, it’s great to see the herbal side of things keeping up with on-demand willingness.

Finally, Pax 3 is as robust of an herbal vaporizer as the previous generation. It is one of the best convenient options on the market. It brags a shiny design, lightning fast heating, and clean, strong vapors. These features may convince most of us to spend $280.