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  • Clive |
  • 20/07/2017.

Welcome to ThisReviewer.com review on the Solex Summer Outdoor Living Exhibition held at the NEC in Birmingham 11th -13th July 2017

NEC Exhibition

This was a fairly small exhibition taking up just one of the arenas at the NEC, but it looked pretty good. There was a lot of outdoor garden furniture (By a lot I mean about 70% of the show was Outdoor Garden furniture) as well as many different brands of BBQ.


Total score


Final product of our SOLEX roundup is the really smart Fire Box BBQ Pizza Oven by La Hacienda Ltd that can be used on any Gas or Charcoal BBQ, a simple way of turning your gas BBQ into a practical and fun Pizza oven. What we liked about this design was the clever way the heat was spread so that the pizza is cooked evenly without burning the underside.Thank you to all companies as well as people that participated in our summer sun round up. Don’t forget to check out the Solex Video and remember to subscribe so that you get to see our exciting reviews

Exhibition Video

We took some video of the event and all the companies as mentioned in here also feature in this video:

However, we also found ourselves surrounded by some new, innovative fun products.

We will look forward to doing some deep reviews with most, if not all of these products in the coming months, however here is a quick overview


If you like BBQ’s – then you would have loved this show, Traditional, Metal, Ceramic, Wood Pellet Fed, Egg Shaped, Wifi Controlled, Steam, – you name it – it was probably here!

To many to name every brand, but some of the BBQ’s we saw included,


The fantastic Lotus Smokeless, wireless Grill, an electric fan portable grill, that can be used indoors as well as outside. Available in a range of sizes.


The CADAC Safari Chef 2 with its many additional cooking surfaces, as well as the CADAC Citi Chef 40, a really nice on the move cooking solution.


Traeger showed off their new BBQ ranges which also included an automatic pellet burning version and a BBQ fully controlled by a Smart App, Turn it on, off and even control the temperature! All while you are in the pub.


GrillStream with their very own impressive set of grills, which they showed in action with a professional chef - Chef Ben Bartlett, President of the British BBQ Association and a World BBQ Association Judge Trainer – as you can imagine he made made a delicious selection of food, which we tried – absolutely mouth-watering - he also showed how simple it is to make a steak using the special gas fired side grill – awesome!


We also saw the Everdure range by Heston Blumenthal - an impressive range of bbq grills, and DaneCook from Denmark who displayed they egg shaped stainless steel cooking solution.

Appolo Housewares

Appolo Housewares had their own heavy ceramic cooker that really stood out, called Red Devil. It used a piston break to make sure that the heavy lid would not damage the base, a simple yet innovative idea.

But it wasn’t all about BBQ’s we also saw


Landmann Firepits– Who had an almost medieval looking fire pit which would look good on most patios.

FirePits UK

FirePits UK - from south Wales and their fantastic BBQ/Table range with swing able cooking surfaces. That convert into a table when not being used for cooking. What we liked about this company is that it is 100% British made right here in the UK.


The very stylish PRIMO cookers with its multi level cooking platforms.


Miriad Products showed off their Corelle dinner plate selection which uses a unique glass material to make them in effect, indestructible, great for travelling with.They also represent the well known Silicon Shine product range.


Tramontina from Brazil had some really high quality knives on display and in a water tank to show how effective their wooden handles and stainless steel really is. Showing off a bit they cooked meat to perfection on the stand using a special technique that included salt- The knifes cutting edge glided through the meat like butter – totally outstanding and The meat was absolutely delicious.

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