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  • 05/01/2019.

Oculus Quest out soon

As we plunge into 2019, there’s an ever-growing sense of longing for the launch of the Oculus Quest!


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As the company hasn’t divulged a far more specific release date than Spring 2019, Facebook could be eyeing F8, the company’s annual developer conference, which is held April 30th & May 1st, 2019 as a rudimentary, or guessed at, launch date. That could mirror just how it launched its last headset, Oculus Go, at F8 previously this year.

What we've found so far:

Facebook to launch Oculus in early 2019, no real dates which is not helpful.

A fresh FCC filing shows that the release is on the right track.

An Oculus representative verified that this FCC filing for the Oculus Quest is for a springtime 2019 launch.

And lastly the Oculus Quest has "inside-out tracking, " this means it can determine users position inside a room with no need for sensors.

Oculus' ambitious new headset the Quest will meld the portability of mobile hardware with the majority of the tracking precision of high-end Computer VR, an important step towards VR really breaking in to the mainstream.

The spring of 2019 is actually a pivotal moment for VR if Facebook really can deliver on the promises fuelling its new standalone VR headset, the Oculus Quest. Unlike the Rift, the Quest won't need any stand alone connected Computer, but its features considerably go beyond anything we've seen from a portable headset yet. Namely, the Oculus Quest 6DOF (Degrees of Freedom) room-scale tracking overtakes Go's 3DOF by miles. Which means the Quest can not only monitor you when you tilt and rotate, but , can also sense you moving or tilting your head forward, backward, up, and down. This is really in line with most connected VR headsets like the rift and it brings with it a new fantastic sense of reality (remember no cables here!)

Well, nearly the same manner. The Quest also sports completely new inside-out tracking included in the headset to check out your motion around an area. You will not have to put IR sensors in your play space because the Quest has generated a map from its inbuilt cameras which track your head movement through it. It's impressive! And even way more so because the Quest also comes packed with two completely tracked movement controllers. It's essentially the whole Rift VR experience and never have to pay for a massively powerful PC.

However , the GPU performance will have its disadvantages: Driven by the same CPU within a standard Samsung Galaxy S8, the Quest will still hit some impressive criteria’s for fidelity and performance but it will not compare to an effective PC-powered VR set up. Crucially, though, many video games already on the Rift will operate on the Quest, too.

Due to the fact the Quest will deliver for $400 (the same selling price as the Rift presently), this is still the most appealing offer on a completely functional and fun VR headset. If VR video gaming has needed a champ to make it break out in to the mainstream, the Oculus Quest is the best applicant by far-a near to perfect intersection of price, features, and software selection that makes a solid choice to finally jumping into the fantastic world of VR.

Oculus Quest is by far the leading VR headset which with its incredible tech is leading others toward being standalone and wireless, making them more accessible for individuals who don't want to pay out for a video gaming PC merely to play. Even high-powered headphones like the Vive are going wireless because of cellular adapters - though getting one can cost you a pretty penny and the Quest solution is by far cheaper and more versatile, especially on the move.

As well as the earlier mentioned inside-out tracking found in the Oculus Quest, 2019 enables you to use room-scale VR and never have to get worried about where you can place a couple of unsightly IR sensors which flip out from time to time.

The Oculus Quest FCC Filing:

After revealing prototypes more than once, Oculus formally announced Quest in September 2018, stating that the high-end standalone headset would launch in Springtime 2019 coming in at around $400.

Now filings for the headset from Facebook have made an appearance at the U. S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

The FCC is tasked with certifying products be safe and appropriate for regulations as they currently are. All products utilizing radio, Wi-fi, infrared, etc . need qualification before they could be distributed onto the market.

In a nutshell FCC Certification marks one step nearer to the release of a product.

As the documents don’t name Quest, a diagram, however, shows what is apparently the signature shape of the headset, and model reference number (MH-B) is closely related to the company’s prior headset, Oculus Go (MH-A). So unless we just uncovered a previously unidentified headset, this filing is perfect for the Quest.

So what does the filing show, well, the standard items such as:

2 . 4GHz & 5GHz Wi-fi,


confirmation of 5GHz Wi-fi

Schematic Diagram

Block Diagram

Part List

Operational Description

Tune-up Procedure

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