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  • 02/08/2017.

Nokia is back!! Nokia had wowed us and captured our hearts in the past before the company went on a long hiatus. Presently, the brand is set to make a comeback all thanks to a Finnish startup, HMD, which has entered into a 10-year agreement to produce smartphones and tablets bearing the name of Nokia on them. Four devices are being planned to be released and the Nokia 6 is one of them. Three of these are Android smartphones while the fourth is the Nokia 3310 remake and were all launched at the MWC 2017. There are positive indications from all angles regarding the devices to be released in terms of the price tags, design and overall details.

What we liked in the Nokia 6:

  • Premium look with the metal build.
  • Affordable price.
  • The Full HD display is bright and clear.
  • Highly-responsive fingerprint sensor.
  • Gorilla Glass screen is scratchproof and shatterproof.

What we did not like in the Nokia 6:

  • Flat edges make the handset uncomfortable if held for too long.
  • Non-removable battery.

Our Video Review on the New Nokia 6

The Nokia 6 sports a 5.5-inch Full HD display, has a RAM of 3GB and ROM of 32GB. It boasts of 16MP rear camera and 8MP secondary camera. It features a fingerprint scanner and a battery capacity of 3000mAh. So… What is good about getting all of these features? Well… it is a Nokia phone and you will only have to spend $229 (about £190, AU$300) to get one! At this price, the phone is categorized in the affordable section of the market and with specs like the ones listed above, it is going to be money well spent.


Total score


The Nokia 6 looks like it would be a great comeback for Nokia into the tech market. The phone has great specifications, a decent design and with the stock interface in the OS that came with it, software updates will be received promptly. The only reservation that we have about the device is the chipset as we wonder how it would fare in the hands of a proper user when the phone is fully loaded and at full performance.Nonetheless, overall, the signs are positive enough and with the look of things, this gadget is easily loveable.

The Nokia 6 Arte Black special edition

There is another variant of the device however, if you want something a bit more exclusive. The Nokia 6 Arte Black special edition comes with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of internal storage. Its body is designed with a glossy ‘piano black’. This other variant will be more expensive of course, but if style is your thing and you do not mind spending more money, it could be for you.

Design and display

Made from a single block of aluminum, the Nokia 6 is a product that feels and looks more expensive than the price attached to it. Its dimensions measure 154 x 75.8 x 7.85mm, so it is quite sizable and fills up the hand. Nevertheless, it is really easy to use. The only bummer when it comes to holding the phone is the fact that the sides are flat. Unlike the Nokia 5 and 3, which have rounded edges that made them feel really comfortable in hand. The Nokia 6 does not exactly feel the same way when held for a long time.

The Nokia 6 will be released in four different colours of copper, tempered blue, matte black and silver apart from the special edition, which will come in the glossy Arte Black colour.

On the right edge of the phone, you have the volume buttons and the power or lock button, which are easily reached. At the top of the phone, there is the 3.5mm headphone jack and the micro USB port is located right next to the only internal speaker at the phone’s base.

The fingerprint scanner doubles as the home key, which is a great inclusion considering the price, and the capacitive touch keys (multi-tasking and back keys) are on either side of the home key in front of the Nokia 6. The Nokia 6 is an affordable device quite all right, so we would expect a below-par display, but the 5.5 Full HD display performs way better than what is expected in a phone of its caliber.

This means you will enjoy playing games and watching videos on the Nokia 6 and with its large screen providing enough space for you to have your on-screen game controls.

Performance and User interface

Nokia 6 runs on Android 7 Nougat, which is a welcome development for hardcore Android fans. Apart from the latest Google’s operating system on the phone, there is nothing else. No pre-installed bloatware, no unnecessary overlay. The stock overlay is what comes with the phone. Nokia decided to keep things simple with this device and we love it that way. This simplicity makes operating the phone an easy breeze and basic tasks were executed smoothly. Simply put, performance is excellent on the Nokia 6.

Alongside the 3GB of RAM that comes with the Nokia 6 or 4GB if you buy the special edition, it comes with a Snapdragon 430 processor that provides all the juice needed to power the device for general usage as well as the camera. In terms of memory, in case the 32GB is not enough for heavy multimedia users, the phone sports a microSD slot, which supports SD cards of up to 128GB.

Camera and Battery

The battery of the Nokia 6 is not removable and it packs a power size of 3,000mAh, which lasted a whole day on general usage. The device sports a 16MO camera that protrudes a little bit at the back of the phone. The camera has a dual-tone flash and also offers HDR. With the camera on the Nokia 6, you can get very clear and crisp pictures. Even the front 8MP camera did not disappoint as the few selfies we took came out impressive.

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