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  • 19/06/2017.

There’s no doubt that a lot of people will buy the 3310 just for nostalgia as it is best as a second phone. It is because of the specifications; there are better feature phone options out there, but nothing beats the cool factor of owning a reborn Nokia 3310. The Nokia 3310 hits all the nostalgic notes and even comes across as a pretty decent phone that is as reliable and durable as its predecessor.


  • Choice of four colours, including the iconic dark blue
  • Great nostalgic value
  • Expandable memory via microSD card
  • Long-lasting battery life, up to 30 days in standby mode
  • Cheap price for a secondary phone


  • Mediocre camera
  • 2.5G connectivity is inadequate
  • Internal storage is nonexistent
  • Terrible web browsing experience


Just one look at the new Nokia 3310 and you would know immediately which phone it looks like. It is a quintessential Nokia phone, but a more refined and sleeker version of the original Nokia 3310. Hands on, it feels small and light, with its signature retro look. Think of the old 3310 in smoother lines, feeling ‘younger and modern’.

The recognizable border around the display area and keys is still there, but Nokia made this device much slimmer and lighter. It fits right in one hand and feels almost weightless compared to the older one. The new Nokia 3310 weighs a meagre 79.6g almost half the weight of the original. It is made of plastic, but still looks and feels very nice. The design is also practical and efficient.


Total score


The Nokia 3310 is a re-release aimed at old lovers and faithfuls, it won’t do anything feature phones of today will do. If you want a phone to have as a second device or an emergency phone, it is perfect. You also get to play the original snake game so at least that’s something other phones can’t do.


There are four new colour options, the dark blue being the most reminiscent of the old one. The phone is also available in the Lumia colours of yellow, warm red and grey. It is a beautiful phone no doubt even though some purist would have preferred it to stick religiously to the old trusted design.


Don’t expect too much from the Nokia 3310 screen. It is in the top of the phone and just 2.4 inches of 240 x 320 resolution. The resolution is a pity as there are similar dumb phones that have 720p HD screens. We would have expected Nokia to do something similar. Everything about the display is basic.

It is also not a touchscreen so no amount of poking will get you any results. You can use the soft-keys to navigate the menus.

Features and Performance

The performance of the 3310 is relative, depending on what you’re comparing it with. If you are comparing it with similarly spec’ed feature phones, it falls pretty short, but it feels packed when you put it side by side with its predecessor.

The 3310 is running Nokia Series 30+, which is much more simplified that even the lowest android OS. The software has the basic applications, folders and features you’d expect a regular phone to have. Call register, Contacts application, Photo, Web, Messages, Snake and Radio to name a few are what to expect. It also throws in a Voice Recorder and Counters. It is nowhere near to what a modern feature phone would have, but it does the job as a secondary phone without the frills. It works as a phone, plain and simple.

The apps store has a limited collection of apps and games. Instagram is available, but it feels clunky especially with physical key controls. Let’s just get it out of the way. You will not find your favourite apps on the Nokia 3310. The web browser works just fine except it is quite slow. The reason is obvious; the new Nokia 3310 only runs on 2.5G so the browsing experience suffers if you need a lot of info fast.

The 3310 is also not Wi-Fi enabled so we repeat that it may not be ideal if it is your primary device and go-to for internet usage. The fact is Nokia knows the phone isn’t about internet and surfing so it is built that way to give you the bare minimum without anything special.

In terms of performance, most of the apps load with a barely-noticeable delay, but once there’s pressure, the lag becomes more apparent. For example, a fully loaded Messages app will take a few seconds to load.


A high quality 320-k MP3 song today would be around 20MB for comparison, the new Nokia has 16MB of built-in storage available. During our test, we got the “memory full” notification after just five photos on the phone. Thankfully, you can expand the memory using an external microSD card.

Battery life

This is one category where there’s barely any depreciation over the years. The old Nokia 3310 was a battery monster in its days, the new 3310 is no slouch in battery life, boasting a removable battery of 1,200mAh that is run efficiently to give up to 22 hours of talk-time and as many as 31 days in standby mode.

Charging is done through a standard micro USB port so chances are you will not lack for chargers anywhere you are. During our test, we could use the 3310 solidly for more than 5 days before we saw red. If you are going to be using it as your everyday phone, expect maybe 2 to 3 days on a full charge.

You should also remember to manually lock your phone screen to put the phone into standby. Strangely, there’s no auto-lock feature so you will have to lock the phone otherwise the display will stay powered and run through the battery.


The camera on the Nokia 3310 is as basic as it gets. It is a no-frills point-and-shoot 2MP lens with a digital zoom so don’t get your hopes high. There is also no front camera so you’ll have to turn the phone around for your selfies.

There is no video recording available, picture quality is only one format and it is not exactly top-notch for sharing on social media. You pretty much get the idea. It has a camera that works. Period.

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