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  • 24/08/2017.

The New Nintendo 2DS XL however is not an everyday video game console to be hooked to a TV but rather an impressive handheld gaming device with a rich array of games in its catalogue. The Nintendo 2DS XL is a watered down game system but is it bad? Let’s have a closer look at it. Nintendo needs no introduction to the even the most layman of gadgets. The big games and console producers have been in the entertainment industry before the super power domination war between the Microsoft Xbox and Sony PlayStation consoles. The dual screen detachable handheld gaming device is a sequel to the Nintendo 2DS, it shares none of its predecessor’s ugly look but still does away with the 3D gaming feature in laudable attempt to make the game more affordable to everyone. This, to us looks like an attempt to gain an even larger market share for the Nintendo range of handheld consoles, but, this is a good machine by its own rights.

Things we loved about the New Nintendo 2DS XL

  • Huge game catalogue
  • Affordable price
  • Bigger screen
  • Improved processor

Things we didn’t like about the New Nintendo 2DS XL

  • Poor resolution and details

Nintendo 2DS XL Design

The 2DS line get its first outing in a foldable design that has been flaunted by DS and 3DS lines. This contrasts with the design structure of the earlier 2DS that was non-foldable but highly comfortable piece of gaming device. The 2DS XL is available in the fetching black/turquoise and white/orange colour varieties; either of these colour’s look great but I personally prefer the black one. The New 2DS XL handheld game is some few inches smaller than the New 3DS XL, it spans 6.4 inches in height while open and 3.4 inches when closed.


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The latest offering from Nintendo, the 2DS XL is an amazing device with excellent design and aesthetic display. The lack of 3D and HD gaming resolution is not something that will seem to matter as the console makes up for its few inconsistencies with the affordable price tag and unlimited titles of games to play. The DS compatibility also means that handheld game lovers can enjoy older titles and the ability to play newer 3DS games also make it the perfect balance point. The Stylus could be improved and given a longer length but since the console is majorly aimed for kids, that won’t matter all too much. At this price this will be, or is, a hit and goal achieved, a good into to gain a much larger market share.

Nintendo 2DS XL Case Design

When the console closes, you will find the hinge protruding away from the unit’s framework and if you had any fun with the 2DS you can easily spot this as a design difference that means the new 2DS XL isn’t quite as sleek on the outside. On the inside however, you will be greeted by thinner bezels, whose sizes were reduced to accommodate the secondary camera and microphone on the hinge. This could make the camera prone to scratch as it is at least two-thirds visible when the game is shut as it no longer resides in the safety of the exclusively inward parts.

Our Review Video of the Nintendo 2DS XL

Nintendo 2DS XL Camera

Achieving a perfect selfie may also take some work as a double-chin effect may be encountered if one doesn’t properly tilt one’s health forward for the hinge-sitting selfie camera to capture properly. The screen is also thinner than the 3Ds XL’s and is most likely due to the presence of lesser components as the latter supports 3D display. The Power button, audio jack and stylus have also been repositioned to the bottom part of the console. The microSD card slot and cartridge slot is also nestled at the bottom. The L-R speakers have been swapped from the face of the console to an underneath position and the volume control is around the left-hand side of the bottom half of the console. The controls come next, find the D-pad, circle pad and home buttons all to the left and the start, select, C-stick and four game input buttons to the right-hand side of the console. Like the 3DS XL, there are now ZL and ZR buttons in between the L and R shoulder buttons, sounds odd, well it is not for Nintendo users.

Nintendo 2DS XL Features

The New 2DS XL features the same CPU as the 3DS XL that is impressively fast. A lack of 3D screen not only keeps the device thin on top but also significantly reduces the price tag on the device. Also, the 2DS XL unlike the 3DS XL comes with a charger in the box to pump in the juice whenever needed. The 2DS XL will play most titles except those really few ones designed specifically for the 3DS console. It also lacks the camera face tracking feature that helps adjust gaming experience present in the 3DS XL. As a device, the 2DS XL does pretty well, the only thing you will probably miss is the detail in foreground and background projections that is usually amped in the 3D screens.

Nintendo 2DS XL Screen

The empowerment of the 2DS XL with similar processors as the 3DS XL means that apps, games and functions will work very impressively doing away with lag and low performance. The 400 by 270 resolution screen offers adequate brightness and color performance but isn’t necessarily visually appealing when you can see the high amount of individual pixilation on the screen. Looking at the screen, we can easily be discouraged by the low resolution and detail of the 2DS XL. It also has an historic vibe to it, looking something more ancient than futuristic. The 4.88 inches of screen available for gaming is very good at offering a wider view, although a smaller sized screen might have kept the image quality higher and more compact. The 4.18 screen below for the stylus is a very effective touchscreen area that allows comfortable and free swiping.

Nintendo 2DS XL Games

On the games catalogue, the 2DS XL spoils its users with too many titles to count. The access to the 3D library almost guarantees that everyone would soon forget the visual discrepancies and just get engulfed with the console. There is too much hope on the horizon with a host of 3DS games to be unleashed later in the year and the DS compatibility that allows users to play a significant collection of previous generation DS Nintendo titles means content and gaming is where the 2DS will never lose out. The 2DS XL may even just be the best jRPG portable console yet as anything you can think of is almost guaranteed available. Some few titles on the platform worth reckoning with include; Pokémon, Monster Hunter, Bravery Default and Fire emblem awakening amongst others.

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