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Next Generation Keyboard

Having said the next generation keyboard, we do not mean an ultra sci-fi keyboard that can at best be bought from the future store by Doraemon (a fictional 22nd Century robot). No, it's not. Here, we talk about a laser keyboard that is ultra slim and looks like a little box. This is no longer a fiction but a reality that has virtually brought about a paradigm change in the industry for the hardware spares and at the same time, a user's convenience of attending works on the move. However, to work with this laser keyboard, you need to have a flat surface so that you can place the laser keyboard before you and the area should be dark so that you can easily identify letters and signs on the keyboard. Connect with your computer, smart-phone, and tablet through Blue-tooth or a USB and enjoy your work anytime anywhere. That's the catch with this laser keyboard.

Ultra sci-fi laser keyboard


Key features of laser keyboard: This keyboard offers a unique adaptability that comes handy when you need to work on multiple devices such as the Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, iPhone, iPad, Mac OS X, and the Android phones such as the version 3 and above. In other words, purchasing a laser keyboard, you will essentially buy the freedom of working anytime and anywhere. For instance, you can even attend to work while enjoying a couple of drinks in a bar. Easily connects with the devices with the help of a USB and the Bluetooth. Highly portable with the size of 9cm x 6cm x 2xm. A QWERTY fully integrated keyboard in English makes your life easy for typing and other works. It is loaded with an impressive 5200mAh inbuilt power bank that you can easily charge on the move.

Easily connects and portable