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  • 20/06/2017.

Let’s just kick this review off with the fact that I, personally, love pasta in all its shapes and forms and am very picky about the way my pasta tastes and its al dente consistency. As a matter of fact, I consider myself a bit of a pasta connoisseur and do try all new pasta when I see any in my local store. I’m not a massive fan of any ristorante pasta as I feel that most of them have no clue on how to make a decent pasta or spaghetti! This machine is good, just saying it before we look at it, I’m using it at least three times a week now and love my SMART Pasta Maker. We can actually see this machine being used in a restaurant to produce fresh pasta at a moments notice!

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What can we say, the fresh pasta cooked in a matter of minutes and tasted absolutely fantastic. Amazing if you think of what went into the mix! We can’t but be impressed with this machine as it worked flawlessly and so easy to use. We also must mention, again, that it took mere seconds to take the entire top apart, only three main parts to it really, to clean it. We are using this machine constantly at home and we are planning a follow up review, with video, showing the use of all nozzles as you can really have fun with them. This is a good, well built and sturdy machine and we do recommend it!


This version has the control panel on the back and is clear and very simple to use. Its sides are in a beautiful brushed aluminium, which makes the machine stand out as it’s not all plastic and thus gives an image of modernism, hence, it fits into any modern and classic kitchen. The basic parts fit together extraordinarily snugly, good engineering, and the top metal bar that also acts as a safety leaver is perfectly placed. The front pasta extruder, or snout, is made from heavy dusty plastic, which will last for quite some time, I feel, and is held in place with a very large and impressive screw housing that also holds the main dough screw in place. The dough screw is also made from heavy duty plastic with a bulky strong metal core. The main mixing paddle is also made from some sort of metal composite and is light, but very strong, needs to be for its work I would guess.

You get six extruders in total and each and every one seems to be made out of this very heavy translucent plastic.

It also has four suction cups for feet, which is good idea as you don’t want this machine to start moving around when making the dough. During our testing it was as stable as a lump of concrete!

This is a quality build machine and each part shows it.

Making Pasta

This machine makes making pasta simple, very simple, you get the main ingredients, namely the flour, in to the main compartment and then place the lid on top, you secure it with the main leaver and then start the machine and pour in the liquid ingredients. This is a fantastic way to ensure that the flour does not get lumpy and that it does get an even mixing, saves on time and energy.

Once the dough is done you simply remove the centre partition and let the pasta get into the dough screw that presses it into the pasta nozzles at the front. If the pasta does not want to get in there then you can use the bottom end of the included plastic spanner to help it along.

For our initial pasta test we just used 200 grams of flour, 2 beaten eggs and a teaspoon of oil, and that is it, nothing else is needed.

The mixing part of the machine is big enough to mix this batch and the mixing blade will also stop and go into reverse from time to time. This made the dough well kneaded and easy to handle, very efficient.

The pasta extruders.

When the dough and the pasta extruders come into play you will instantly notice that the hot air vents on the front are playing a critical part. The fresh pasta is visibly blown by this hot air and dries it just enough so it does not stick together, a brilliant way of ensuring that the pasta as made, can also be cooked as made.

Total nozzle list and what they can do is as follows:

Cylindrical Nozzle: Japanese Ramen, Cantonese Noodles, Spaghetti.

Flat Thin Nozzle: Shanghainese Flat Noodles, Japanese Udo, Thai Pad Thai, Linguini

Flat Broad Nozzle: Cantonese Egg Noodles, Fettuccini

Small Cylindrical Nozzle: Vermicelli Noodles, Cantonese Shrimp Roe Noodles, Capellini

Hollow Nozzle: Macaroni or Penne

ZigZag Nozzle Dough for cookies and Ravioli

On our initial test runs we used two different pasta extruders: the normal round pasta also known as Spaghetti and the flat pasta Fettuccini. We thought that both these should give a clear indication of the quality of the made pasta.

Both worked flawlessly and produced from the above recipe easily enough pasta for a family of four, and it was done in a matter of minutes. It can also use a gluten free recipe in the same manner, but all dry ingredients go into the main mixer first.

What’s in the box:

Inside the box you get a complete pasta making kit and it includes, the central kneading blade, 6 different pasta nozzles, a flour measuring cup, an oil and water measure cup, a large plastic spanner to be used to help loosen the nozzles, a dedicated cleaning brush with a pick, a pasta cutter, and of course the machine itself.


You also get a comprehensive instruction manual that reads as follows:

• Important notifications

• Product parts

• Accessories

• Control panel description

• Operating instructions (A few pages on that)

• Trouble shooting

• Care and maintenance

• And the recipes with detailed images showing what nozzle to use with what recipe

• More tips and hints

• Returns and warranty


A doddle, pure and simple. The top mixing container just lifts off when the leaver is in its off position. The front nozzle holder we got off without using the included helper spanner. The mixing dough screw slides out from its setting without resistance and the lower screw housing comes off by pressing a button and twisting it.

We placed all parts in the dishwasher and they came out sparkling, assembly of these parts again, less than 30 seconds!

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