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DeLonghi Distinta Review

By Allyson W | 18/10/2016 07:36:21

The stylish DeLonghi Distinta ICMI211 is a coffee making machine that can brew and dispense close to 10 cups of coffee all at once. This coffee machine is very fast and also very attractive. The De'Longhi Distinta filter coffee maker uses ground coffee and features a permanent filter.

Unique Features

Distinta coffee maker can brew up to 10 cups of coffee with a glass jug of 1.25 liters capacity, and a warming plate that always keeps the coffee hot, which automatically off itself after forty minutes. An Aroma button has been added to enhance the flavour and scent of the processed coffee, by releasing the water within the filter slowly. There is an anti-drip system on the filter holder with a spring-loaded mechanism that stops the little drops from the filter when the jug has been taken away. Brilliant as those little drops usually gives of a bad burning odour and that’s now cured.

Delicious Coffee

The coffee from the DeLonghi Distinta is very smooth, and even though there are only two buttons for operating it If you choose quality ground coffee, you will get an excellent coffee the tastes great. With the extra aroma function button, you can improve the smell and flavor of your coffee.

DeLonghi Distinta ICMI211

Easy to Use

One of the main advantages of Distinta is that it is very easy to use. The glass jug has cup measurements that help to determine the proper quantity of coffee scoop that will be enough for at least a cup, and this measure eases the work out of the required coffee and the water needed for a great result. All you need to do is to open the lid on top, pour the water in the tank, pour the ground coffee into the filter and the coffee making process will begin with a simple touch of the power button.

DeLonghi Distinta ICMI211


The beautiful design of the Distinta filter coffee maker of it a perfect look in any corner of your home or on the kitchen worktop. With a height of 34.3cm and a total weight of 2.7kg this coffee maker is designed to make good coffee and keep it hot better than other similar products. It comes with only two buttons with smooth curves on the metallic body that comes in black, white, bronze and zinc.


  • Looks great
  • Easy to operate
  • Long-lasting filter


  • t's hard to clean the Jug
  • Slow brewing process
  • Water tank not removable


The Distinta has earned itself a notable name in coffee making, the smooth finish with only two buttons and awesome aroma feature are what makes it different from pod machines and instant coffee. If you are looking for a reliable coffee maker with style, the DeLoughi Distinta ICMI211 is a good choice.

DeLonghi Distinta ICMI211