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  • 21/11/2017.

The Corsair Scimitar Pro RGB gaming mouse is on of the best we have yet to see. Corsair is one of the most respected brands in gaming accessories, and their Scimitar RGB mouse from 2015 was one of the best accessories for all types of gaming. Even though it had some shortcomings, there was always the sense that it could do so much more with an upgrade. That’s exactly what this mouse represents—featuring 12 thump buttons—bringing the total button count of this wonderful Scimitar’s design to an impressive 17.

What we liked about the Corsair Scimitar Pro:

  • The design is high quality and the shape is ergonomic
  • Tracking is accurate
  • Lots of customisable effects
  • Awesome lighting capacity

What we did not like about the Corsair Scimitar Pro:

  • On the costly side, there are cheaper, lighter alternatives
  • May appear too big for some users
  • No detachable cable or weight adjustment

Corsair Scimitar Pro DPI Optics

The new Corsair Scimitar Pro RGB gaming mouse comes with an improved 16,000 DPI optical sensor, aesthetic design and ergonomic shape—even as the RGB lighting produces an enticing package. The 16,000 DPI makes this mouse totally programmable, and although this will need some touches to make it a perfect mouse, it is worth the consideration if you are looking for maximum functionality.


Total score


The Scimitar Pro RGB is nothing short of an excellent gaming mouse, with predictable tracking and smooth gliding across various genres of games. Although it has its shortcomings, it is a fantastic mouse worth the price when placed in the right hands.

Corsair Scimitar Pro video review

Corsair Scimitar Pro Scimitar Pro RGB Features, Design & Build

The new Scimitar Pro Model comes with most of the features of the old model and there are three new features that come with this new Pro model. Boasting 147g in weight, the Scimitar Pro is a hefty mouse to start with. The design is large and ergonomic, that curve nicely around your hand when used. The plastic surface features a smooth, soft matte finish that feel and look expensive.

One aspect of the mouse that truly stands out is the front, which highlights the remarkable design, together with the two DPI buttons, a scroll wheel and left/right clicks. Just below the rubberised wheels, RGB lighting pours out, but it doesn’t have a DPI indicator light. However, since it is possible to customise each of the 4RGB zones to fit different profiles changes, the absence of the DPI light indicator isn’t a big issue to worry about.

Corsair Scimitar Pro buttons

Apart from the advanced RGB lighting setup, the Scimitar mouse design is sturdy and more flexible, especially on the new CUE software engine. 12 small buttons lie on the left side of the mouse while the rest of the bank is placed on a moveable plate that can easily be adjusted to fit your hands. The remaining second and fourth row of buttons feature a rough texture design, with each bearing their own button number. The button with the label ‘5’ is much easier to assess because it bears tactile bump design that you can simply rest your thump on. As for the third RGB zone, it shares the same location but features a unique line of colour that is visible even when the mouse is being used.

Other parts of the mouse bear the same traditional designs—large textile rubber coating defines the right-hand side and the backside of the mouse is illuminated by the last RGB zone. It features a braided but non-removable USB—unlike the Asus Gladius II.

Corsair Scimitar Pro Teflon

The Scimitar’s base side features four Teflon pads which allow smooth gliding, including the optical sensor. It would have been more appropriate to have adjustable weights in this area, but since Corsair didn’t make this a lighter device in the first place, adding more weight would certainly make no sense.

On the lower top side of the mouse, you can see the Corsair logo, which also can be RGB lit.

Corsair Scimitar Pro RGB Performance

For gamers, the most critical aspect of a mouse lies in its reliability and the Scimitar Pro fares well in this regard. The optical sensor incorporated in this model is exactly the one found in the Corsair’s Glaive. The featured maximum DPII of 16,000 is more than enough to suit every challenge, as it can also be customized to a single digit, allowing the user to enjoy unparallel sensitivity and control.

During in-game play, be sure to receive accurate tracking performance, with breathtaking pattern that forms the core of muscle memory. Due to the high numbers of buttons you can configure, you reserve the ability to easily assign weapons, functions and controls to the mouse, giving you more room to manoeuvre while keeping your fingers locked up to the WASD keys. But always remember there are alternatives that are better suited for shooters.

The Corsair Scimitar Pro RGB is a construction that is mostly tailored to suit the needs of RTS and MOBA players, considering the 12-button range which is very useful in these scenarios. It work like magic, and is an invaluable tool in gamers’ arsenals. Although some might find the buttons a bit too small, especially when trying to press a specific button, nonetheless, a good mouse will fit lots of applications.

Corsair Scimitar Pro RGB Lighting & Software

In every Corsair model, RGB lighting has always been a prominent feature, so it wasn’t surprising that the Scimitar Pro incorporated a similar design. Because of the perfectly positioned four zones, the mouse looks awesome in appearance, shining with bright and vivid hues when placed on the desk. There are lots of patterns to choose from because the colours are changeable.

The Corsair’s CUE software provides the best and reliable control, as a top-class peripheral on the market. Its features are rich, clearly laid out and above all, stable. You can easily customize the DPI of the mouse, reassign the buttons mappings and calibrate against your surface. The software allows for easy creation of macros and there is enough power for you to set up plenty of winning combinations. These can then be stored on the mouse itself or just assign to different profiles as you deem fit.

Whether you are playing RPGs, FPS or MMOs, there’s more than enough firepower to get around with the new Corsair Scimitar Pro mouse.

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