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  • Clive |
  • 15/10/2017.

This is the MyCook Touch by Witt, the all in one cooking machine with built in recipes and guides for a perfect cooking experience. The Witt MyCook Touch will, Fry, Steam, Boil, Chop, Blend, Stir and even Knead dough and meat as might be needed for any gourmet meal you choose. For those of you that don’t want to slave over a hot grill or oven or lack the confidence to hit the kitchen this is just for you!

What we liked about the Mycook Touch:

  • The 7” touch screen
  • Simple instructions
  • WiFi connectivity
  • Fully integrated digital recipe archive
  • Massive recipe online database
  • High quality stainless steel
  • Knead, saute and turbo functions.
  • Easy to clean.

What we didn’t like about the Mycook Touch:

  • Currently only in one colour
  • Long cooking times on some recipes

Witt MyCook Design

An advanced machine with a simple operational structure to make cooking easy. Looking at its highly engineered components this machine would look the part in any modern kitchen, might also look impressive in a retro setting as it has that, almost steam punk look! Most parts are made of the highest quality brushed stainless steel and the rest in high density plastic.


Total score


Overall, we were very impressed with this product – Great if you struggle to cook homemade meals in the kitchen, you might even pass yourself off as a MasterChef. The design and look of the machine will fit any kitchen and its easy to clean and easy too maintain. The App updates itself with new recipes all the time, you can update this your own recipes, you can even share them online. A great piece of kit this!

Check out our comprehensive MyCook review video here:

MyCook Parts

It comes with a range of parts that will allow it to make whatever you fancy and all are solid to the touch and seems to be made of the highest quality materials.

what does MyCook do

This latest product offering from Witt - Steams, cooks and fry’s. It will cook potatoes, meat and Poultry in the stainless-steel jug, Rice and pasta in the basket and steam fish or veg in the top steam tray.

You can also fry or stir fry and steam cook rice at the same time.

The Mycook Touch cooks lamb, beef, pork and poultry dishes to your personal taste or style.

Other features include the stainless-steel blender blades in the bottom container for chopping vegetables, making soups or baby food.

It can also knead a perfect bread dough or light fluffy cake batter.

Stir a sauce or soup using the stir facility and induction heat or even try your hand at making delicious cocktails.

The Mycook touch also comes fully equipped with built in precision scales which enables you to weigh your ingredients as you cook. Before you use the product, it is important that you loosen the screws located under the unit here and move the orange switch to the on position after transit to activate the inbuilt scales.

It will tell you via the 7” touch screen exactly which ingredients you need as well as the quantity. As you add them to the machine it will tell you how much you have put in – so you will never get it wrong.

Although the recipes state the ingredients amount to use you can add a little extra or even a little bit less as desired and the Mycook touch will cook the dish perfectly.

Once each stage of cooking is complete there is an audible alarm that ensures you don’t overcook anything, very useful for the busy family.

MyCook stainless steel

This high quality stainless steel cooking machine also comes with all the latest hi tech technology and is really simple to use.

MyCook Built in touch screen

The inbuilt display comes packed with hundreds of recipes but you can also connect to your home network and download unlimited recipes via Wi-Fi including new ones created by the Mycook touch user community – you can even add a few of your own as well as add changes to the recipes, create shopping lists or just save in your favourites.

You will also be able to fully synchronize with other devices and receive automatic up dates, remote monitoring of status and connectivity to various social networks.

MyCook App

Download the latest Mycook touch App for Apple or Android phones to get the same access to recipes on your smartphone or tablet, useful for picking up the correct ingredients whilst on a shopping trip in your local supermarket.

We could not resist and had to try cooking a few meals for ourselves including Pork and Tomato, Garlic Chicken and Beef Stew. Here is how we cooked the beef stew.

Trying out the MyCook with a Beef Stew

Click recipes mode, we then selected Beef and Pork, we chose beef stew.

Next we took a look at the ingredients.

Add the ingredients by following the on-screen instructions.

The jug automatically weighs the ingredients as they are added.

We added the oil and now we heat it up.

In go the onions and the carrots - watching the integrated scale weigh the ingredient’s as they are added

Lets cook as directed

Next we add the meat – now we didn’t have quite enough, but we found you can add a bit more or a bit less without affecting the cooking.

Some more cooking and then time to add the red wine – with plenty left over to accompany the meal later. Followed by the water and a bay leaf before more cooking

Finally we add the frozen peas and cook the final leg of the meal

That’s the meal cooked

Its very hot and looks Delicious

Total Cooking time 1hr 27 mins

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