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  • Mr Steven Right |
  • 07/09/2017.

The cascading chocolate fountain by smart is so different that we decided to try it out on video and see what it does and how it can be used. The machine is far more complex than a normal chocolate fountain as its spout or paddle design makes the chocolate pour down or cascade down instead of a curtain of chocolate that other machines do.

What we liked about the Cascading Chocolate Fountain

  • Cool new concept
  • Talk of any party
  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to take apart
  • Easy to use
  • Solid build

What we didn’t like about the Cascading Chocolate Fountain

  • Unless you eat all that chocolate you will waste it.

Cascading Chocolate Fountain Design

The packaging is colourful and shows clearly what the machine is and what it can be used for, the box also has an Anti-Tampering seal on it that we do like to see on boxes.

The main unit itself is made from polished metal and is very stylish and weighs quite a bit, this is a good thing as you don’t want this unit to fall over when in use and it also shows that some attention has gone into the thoughts of how a machine like this can be used (with kids mainly).

The total machine weight is XXXX.

The top bits are made from simple hard plastic and comes in a very simple pack of individual pieces. These pieces slot into each other using pre-made slots in each piece which make it a doddle to put together.

The lower part has a single switch on it with three settings and a power cord with a plug.


Total score


All in all, a great new take on the chocolate fountain concept which will create a buzz and talk at any party! We have used this now for a couple of months and it has yet to give us any problems, it just works every time and we can state that you will not be disappointed in either it performance or party impact!

Our video review of the Cascading Chocolate fountain

Cascading Chocolate Fountain In the box

In our video, you will see what you get in the box but this is a simple breakdown:

Instruction book that contains the following information:

• Safeguards and precautions.

• Some extra slips.

o This one tells you about the chocolate you should use.

o This one is a special instruction showing where to pour the chocolate into the machine.

• How to operate

• Recipes

• And warranties plus returns.

Main chocolate screw.

Main machine and its various plastic pipe parts.

Putting the Cascading Chocolate fountain together

As previously stated, to put this Cascading Chocolate machine together really is a doodle and as long as you follow the simple guide slots in the plastic its done in a matter of seconds.

When you got the main chocolate raiser together then place it straight onto the main machine, into the three prongs and place the screw inside this raiser, this chocolate screw got a triangular slot on one end that slots into the metal turner at the base, it really could not be simpler.

Using the Cascading Chocolate fountain

Here is a handy tip, to make sure that the chocolate is smooth enough for the machine and that there are no lumps in it just place the heated chocolate into a blender for a few second, this turn it into the perfect mix AND you can use the blender again and again until the party is over, a quick and easy way to ensure constant flow of perfect chocolate to your cascading fountain.

Anyway, you simply place the main dial to ‘Heat’ and let the machine warm up for a few minutes, about 5, then turn the switch the other way to ‘Main Motor’ and gentely pour the smooth chocolate into the BASE OF THE MACHINE!

Turns out that the majority of complaints about chocolate machines are from people trying to pour the chocolate into the top of the screw assembly, which will have a splattering effect to say the least.

Once the chocolate is in the base it will quickly rise to the top through the screw housing (which is very much visible) and our out from the top, easy as anything.

Cascading Chocolate Fountain Flowing chocolate rivers

You will instantly notice that this cascading chocolate fountain is different from others as the chocolate will flow in rivers instead of as a single curtain and this can give you an unlimited set of new uses that a curtain one simply can’t give.

For example, we used it with a waffle bowl to create a walking talking self-contained fruit sweet platter.

We used it to put some melted chocolate into a coffee cup and that was just like the ones you get at start bucks but they use a cold chocolate mix and a plastic pump, this one was much better.

It also works with all the normal ingredients that you would find using a curtain machine, such as fruit pieces and marshmallows etc etc

Cleaning the Cascading Chocolate fountain

Easy, we used some hot flowing water to get rid to the majority of the chocolate in the paddles then placed them straight into the washing machine. The main unit we simply wiped clean of chocolate and the used some warm water and soap to clean until shiny.

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