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  • 15/09/2017.

Activision will be looking to Call of Duty World War II to help them reclaim their title as the world’s best shooter game title. With Call of Duty WWII The game maker seems to have taken a big step in the right direction after announcing the November 3 launch.The game which sees Activision return to its ways of rudimentary war gaming after last year’s less enjoyable Infinite Warfare that sent a vibe across the industry that Activision was losing grasp of their root elements of the immensely popular game with the inclusion of futuristic machineries, jetpacks, mechanical suits and wall running. Thankfully, Activision elects to return from the future and take us back in time to World War II, soaking players in a realistic experience and understanding of where the chaos erupted from. For me and every other shooter gamer, we would be aching to see what the full story with the WWII is, but for now, the game is destined to be fast-paced, well-developed and badass.

Call of Duty WWII Gameplay, Graphics and Performance

The game demo began in its traditional style, leaving our team with the responsibility of navigating the trenches, weaving through unsuspecting oppositions, picking off weapons and dispersing frag grenades along the way. The game also allows you enter a lobby firing range where you can evaluate the game weapons for precision, damage and range. The PS4 Pro puts the game into tremendous perspective, excelling in high quality effects, texture brilliance and smoke effects. All these features are what culminate into a near-real life experience with outstanding attention to detail.


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With the game set to fully launch and roll out on November 3, the COD WWII title is guaranteed to cause havoc on game pads and controllers as soon as it hits the stores. With a fast-paced gameplay, traditional COD setting, World War II campaign and modern high quality graphics, we’ll keep our fingers crossed to see what beats the COD title this year as it does away with all shortcomings of the Infinite warfare title and immerses gamers back into its default non-stop and no-nonsense shooting, in all fairness, it’s going to be a tough call to find anything that will beat this game!

Call of Duty WWII back to realism

The game avails players of the double advantage of enjoying a classic no-nonsense shooter game with modern graphics that brings realism and captures attention at the same time.

The eye-level first person view that is free from all sort of pesky distractions like drones, exoskeletons and other futuristic equipment is something that we warmed up to considering that the last title did all but give us a simple game to play. The soldiers are back from being Demigods with super powers to ordinary characters that tire from something as simple as sprinting and walking long distances, slowing down often to catch their breaths. This down to earth play is what made the Call of duty title a gamer’s favourite any day. The D-day map returns to its hero-claustrophobic approach that leaves Soldiers on their toes as they know there are no unrealistic or overly easy hiding spaces.

Call of Duty WWII New War mode

The All-New War mode experience is arguably the best feature of the game. The War mode encompasses the traditional World War II style confrontations where the battle for territory is the main objective of the participating teams that have been categorized as either attacking or defending. The game allows both sides to battle over a larger territory and assigns each team with a side as the case with Battlefield’s Rush and Overwatch’s payload game. The defensive team, were we fell - tasked us with holding the base from the advancing forces who were the attacking team.

Call of Duty WWII our video review on the

Call of Duty WWII Real game play

It didn’t take long to be flanked on every side and outgunned. Even after a few respawns, we kept failing the challenge. The game also features several scenarios of this attack and defend missions in the war mode, allowing each team to cleverly set up traps and plan strategically to take out the other.

After failing the first objective, the COD map in all its glory, opened up and took us to the next objective where we had to ensure that our enemies’ attempt to set up a bridge was futile. It seemed to be a bad day for us as we soon lost out on this objective also. The next scene had us also coming through in order to stop the attacking team’s advance and the fourth and final objective saw us saddled with the objective of taking out a tank. Fortunately for us, we were able to complete the last two challenges and survived the COD WWII war mode.

The intensity and excitement of this type of multiplayer is one that we’ve yet to see in a while from Activision, but with the many features that we have glimpsed in the demo, we are quite certain that this title will almost certainly go down as one of the best COD shooters produced from Activision. The game will even leave you more dazzled if it can reproduce the multiplayer-esque intensity and action in the single player campaign mode.

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