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  • 25/09/2017.

The Blue Satellite Wireless Headphones: Blue Satellite made a name for itself as one of the most reputable microphone producers for amateurs and professionals alike. The company’s first shot at Headphones came some three years back in 2014, with the pioneer model, the Mo-Fi, which featured an in-built amplifier while sending to 3 devices as its sequel including a planar magnetic set. In January, Blue announced the coming of its first wireless headphones, the Satellite. The $400 audioware is designed to please the eyes and thrill the ears. The device also features an amplifier to blast top-quality sound, and on first and subsequent trials, we simply could not but appreciate the work the company has done to bringing comfort to listeners. The Blue satellite once again raises the bar for sound delivery in a market saturated with a plethora of luxury headphones.

Things we liked about the Blue Satellite

  • Efficient padding
  • Good sound quality
  • Fine design
  • Noise cancellation
  • Built-in amplifier
  • Bluetooth

Things we didn’t like about the Blue Satellite

  • Clamp could be lighter
  • Slightly noisy Bluetooth experience

Blue Satellite Headphones Design

After unboxing the Blue satellite, we were greeted by a good-looking set of headphones. The Satellite sports a different design from earlier models from Blue but that seems to mean nothing as the Satellite resonates such good looks on its own. The headphones are available in two colours with each design sporting a mixture of black and silver or white and brown. The finish is posh and has a premium feel to it. The overall design is also well-built and somewhat bulky.


Total score


Blue’s Satellite Wireless headphone is an elegant introduction from the company into the Wireless market. The headphone does impress in many aspects especially the sound output, but it would be something the company will learn from as simple flaws such as button labels, Bluetooth noise and hard clamping, if we know Blue and their dedication to quality, the sequel to the Satellite is something to look forward to as the current model has done well enough to earn our applause.

See our video on the Blue Satellite Headphones

Blue Satellite Headphones Control buttons

On both sides of the Blue Satellite headphone lie many buttons adorned around the edge of the company’s logo. I found these a little difficult to reach when the headphones were being used and I had little chance to look directly at the controls, although, I have to admit that the positioning makes a good case of improving the visuals and design of the device. The button labels also seem to rub off way too easily, this is something that Blue would want to check out as it can get totally confusing when controls begin to look the same.

Leaving those minor flaws out of the frame, the picture is a beautiful one as the headphones sport an aesthetic design that might make you want to buy them simply for their looks. The body is sculpted majorly from plastic that is tough and resilient. This means the device will most likely survive some tosses and turns from time to time.

On the Blue Satellite’s left earcup, you will find three buttons that serve different purposes, one controls the Bluetooth pairing option, another controls the noise-cancellation feature while the other is responsible for engaging the headphone’s in-built amplifier. There is also a power button and micro-USB charging port nestled at the bottom of the Satellite’s left earcup. The right earcup houses the volume control buttons, a multi-use button that can be used to control incoming calls and audio playback. On the bottom of the right earcup lies the 3.5mm headphone audio jack that allows connection to the headset in passive mode. This feature makes the headphones still usable even when you have run out of battery and can’t access the wireless feature. Looking back into the box, you’ll find that Blue has provided a 3.5mm audio cable, a hard protecting case for the headsets and a USB charger to get juice into the headphones.

Blue Satellite Headphones Comfort

This is one aspect of the Blue Satellite that really tries hard to impress with. The headphones come with a significant amount of padding. This is however not because Blue has a lot of foam to throw around but rather due to the heavy and bulky size of the Blue Satellite Wireless headsets. The headsets also come with some very rigid clamps that come off hard on your head. On first use, the headphones seemed a bit tasking to keep on, but over time, we found that the comfort factor kicked in in a way that belies its look and the headsets could stay for hours without any fatigue apart from what you’ll usually get from most headphones.

Blue Satellite Headphones Sound and Performance

Blue made a name for itself in the microphone market as one of the best producers of quality devices. The trend did not stop even when they started production of wired headphones in 2014. We are pleased to inform you that that quality is still in check.

Let’s begin with the bass, the Blue satellite offers excellent bass output that is profound and dense. It is obvious that Blue has picked this area as one of the places they want the Satellite to rule. The output is even still impressive when playing sounds and music that do not have a lot of bass themselves. The low-mids give the headphone a warm feel with a low-end boost approach to its output while the high-mids is subtle and clear, allowing for the sounds of musical instruments such as guitars, pianos and other keys to come through with clarity and sharpness. The low-mids may get muddy every once in a long while, but this is by no means a basis for underperformance in any way. The high-end outputs are also of high quality and clear to listen to. The cymbals and vocals are also crisp and audible.

Blue Satellite Headphones Sound Distortions

The Satellite showed very little signs of distortions at high volumes, the active noise cancellation and built-in amplifier features work very well, toning down the external noise and cracking up the performance respectively.

Blue Satellite Headphones Bluetooth and Battery Life

There are however some issues with the Bluetooth connection as it does seem to be quite noisy with a buzzing sound. This may not be evident when playing music or listening to any type of audio, but in the moments where no sound is being played on the device, you’ll catch the sound. The issues were discovered to vary in intensity with or without the noise cancellation technology on or not.

The Bluetooth connection spans 33 feet and will work excellently within that range provided no real obstructions of signal exist in between. The battery life on the device is commendable but could be better. The Blue Satellite Wireless headphone will last 8 hours at moderately high volume with ANC and amplifier switched on. The batteries will however last up to an impressive 20 hours if the Bluetooth is the only feature tuned on.

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