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  • 30/08/2017.

The AOC PORSCHE Monitor is anything but ugly. The minimalist stylish-looking monitor is a must-have gadget for those who are looking to incorporate elegance, beauty and design into their workplace. The AOC PDS241 teams up with the Porsche team who need no introduction as producers of some of the finest looking cars of our time to conjure a monitor that is a perfect blend of art and technology. The AOC PDS241 sends a strong message to those who think monitors need to be nothing but visual with its elegant display and sophistication. The beauty does seem to come with a price of limited features and functionality, but at £189, it is a bargain for those looking for the everyday monitor in a beautiful body.

What we liked about the AOC PORSCHE Monitor

  • Beautiful and Uniquely Aesthetic design
  • Affordable price tag
  • Good image quality

What we didn’t like about the AOC PORSCHE Monitor

  • Tasking calibration and settings navigation
  • No Speakers (not a massive problem)
  • Only 1 HDMI port and Audio jack

AOC PORSCHE Monitor Design

When you find a tech-savvy producer who takes his time to rendezvous with a top car producer, you can bet your life that the emerging product will be the bomb, and the PDS241 certainly is. With a body like a Porsche and the component of a high end visual appendage, the PDS241 impresses with its elegant design featuring the thinnest bezels along its 23.8-inch screen; The ultra slim bezels is also buttressed by the slender and firm outer component and chic panel border with a 5.2mm thickness on every side. The Bottom bezel is thicker than the others and houses the AOC logo, it continues into the sumptuous looking stand striking its brushed-metal appearance that appeals to the visuals of everyone who beholds the monitor. Below the bottom bezels are buttons that control the OSD, the vertical-slit power LED that faces forward is also present in this area.


Total score


The AOC PDS241 is a bona-fide jaw dropper when it comes to looks and design. If you are very comfortable with a classic and elegant monitor that performs all basic functions of movie and display for CPU tasks, it is certain to light up your workspace. The difficulty in controlling the monitor, lack of speakers and the presence of just one HDMI port is however a very big sacrifice to make for the design in my opinion. Even at the reasonable price of £189, the lack of basic features make it more of a workspace decoration rather than a top performer among monitors. The AOC PDS241 is definitely for you if you are looking for a pretty and lightweight solution to improving the elegance of your office or work station.

AOC PORSCHE Monitor Screen

The 23.8 inches of the screen means that the monitor wasn’t made with the aim of dominating tables and work spaces and might be something that big screen lovers may not like too much as well as the hardcore gamers but this ridiculously attractive piece of hardware will surely be attractive to office workers, bringing its own beauty and conveying aestheticism to the surrounding workspace especially if your office already combines well with silver, black and white. In a bid to make the bodywork thinner than most, the HDMI and Power is channeled via an included box that is rather bulky, housing the HDMI port and power port. This box then connects to the monitor by the means of the Micro HDMI cable which attaches to the base of the stylishly curved monitor stand, providing power and video signal alike. Although bulky, the box is also designed in the same colors as the monitor and can be quite unnoticeable.

Our Video Review on the AOC PORSCHE Monitor

AOC PORSCHE Monitor Features

Our AOC PORSCHE Monitor Review shows that sadly, with great design comes great sacrifice, and some essential components and features that other monitors affords you is leveraged for a banging hot body. The AOC comes with only one HDMI port and no speakers. Instead, there is a 3.5mm audio jack to connect the speakers to a headphone or alternative sound output or input device. The AOC PDS241 utilizes LG AH-IPS technology (Advanced High performance in-plane switching panels at a 60Hz refresh rate and 1920 by 108 Full HD resolution. Screen resolution aside, the low refresh rate might be a deal breaker for those looking to run high frame rate games with this screen. The saturation levels and sRGB colour gamut coverage are achieved using WLED backlighting and enhanced phosphors. The backlight also doesn’t flicker due to its use of direct current rather than PWM, a feature that is a welcomed development for flicker-sensitive monitor users.

AOC PORSCHE Monitor Performance

It is difficult to pick out the unique attributes and offerings of the AOC PSD241 beyond the design. As earlier noted, the monitor is controlled by a single button which can be quite annoying. A single press of the control button pops up the OSD menu. Repeatedly pressing this button allows users to cycle through the menu and stopping for some seconds opens the menu of the selected item. Frustration may grow however if you mistakenly run past an item that you wish to tweak as you have to cycle through the menu to the bottom and restart the process till you reach your desired menu item.

AOC PORSCHE Monitor Menus

The same goes for calibrating items in menus as repeated tapping once a selected menu is displayed increases the value of that feature. The absence of a reduction button means that if you want to reduce a component, you have to move all the way down to the 100th value and then restart at zero till you reach your desired input – As I said, Frustrating! Luckily, the fresh out the box performance is very encouraging and requires little or no workaround. This will spare you the stress for now but if someone messes up your calibration, be certain you would take a while to fix it.

The 60 Hz refresh rate and 4ms input lag is a strong iteration that this device isn’t meant for gaming. Tests shows tears and blurs in frames when playing FIFA 17, one can wonder how it would fare with heavier games like Call of Duty and the rest.

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