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  • 15/09/2017.

The newly released Amazon Fire HD 8 tablet is the 7th generation Amazon tablet that shares a host of similar features at capabilities with the preceding model. The Fire HD8 is an elegant device boasting of an amazing 12-hour battery span and impressive build quality. This affordable low-budget gadget thrills children with its ability to take on gaming as well as other kids’ needs and provide unlimited Fire for Kids service. The Amazon HD 8 kid’s edition is an almost exact replica of the smaller Amazon Fire 8 with a few differences that make the former well-suited for the kid-folk. The tablet also comes with the voice activated AI assistant Alexa.

What we liked:

  • Well-built and durable housing and protection out of the box.
  • The Fire for Kids service is robust, adequate for all intents and purposes.
  • Performance is snappy.
  • Battery life is sufficient for most road trips and days out.
  • 2-year warranty is a nice touch for a product meant for rough handling.

What we did not like:

  • Amazon should have included a screen protector.
  • Kids' tablet or not, camera could have been much better.


At first interaction with the Amazon Fire-HD 8 Kids version tablet, the first thing I noticed was the rugged outlay that was reinforced further by its 369g weight on picking it up. The tablet sports a somewhat ’not ugly, but not so beautiful’ look with its thick bezels edging its 8–inch screen. For kids however, ultra slim may not be the first concern as the bezels are highly effective in keeping the hands off the screen. Fire-HD 8 comes in a variety of colours in the Kids edition casing ranging from Black, Canary Yellow, Punch Red and Marine Blue. The gadget is very robust and the overall build is laudable and effectively suitable for the huff and puff it’s going to be getting in the hands of its young end users.


Total score


Amazon’s pricing of the Kid’s tablet is just excellent, given the tons of perks contained in the Fire HD 8 for kids. The Fire for kids’ service subscription is a winner providing your kids with goodies of games, eBooks and videos all year long. The 8-inch screen and almost spoil-proof casing is ideal for kid-like handling and dropping and the device is accompanied by warranty that spans over 2 years. The few drawbacks are the unavailability of offline video watching, the poor VGA and 2MP camera and absence of a screen protector. The high-quality content and price of this tablet make it a must own gadget from Amazon with love to all the kids out there.

Our YouTube Review on the Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids

Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Grip and Texture Surfaces

The grip and texture is very good and you can be rest assured that it would remain stuck to even the most candy-filled palms. The rubber casing is well designed and fits the tablet perfectly well as it is a purpose-built protection. The case has several facets in which the essential parts such as the camera, stereo speakers, volume controls, audio jack and micro-USB charging port cut out.

A funny exclusion is a screen protector, which is supposed to well…. protect the screen from smashing in the hands of kids; Amazon however seems to have this under control and has placed enough trust in the protective case that protrudes significantly away from the screen, also offering a 2-year warranty.


The Amazon Fire-HD 8 features the amazing voice-prompted Alexa Virtual AI assistant. Alexa will do everything from reading you a book to answering basic questions like ‘what is the weather like?’. The 8-inch screen comes in at 1,200 by 800 resolution offering good enough visuals and readability. The screen can be very bright at a 455cd/m2 and 968:1 brightness and contrast rating respectively. These values are more than enough to ensure the screen is visible even in broad day light, sunshine and light backgrounds. The tablet Kids edition comes with the 32GB storage capability and supports up to 256GB in external SD storage, which means there is enough space to store books, videos, games and eBooks.

The CPU is a quad-core MediaTek-MT8163 processor clocked at 1.3GHz that although isn’t the first or second choice we had in mind, it will do all your kid’s tasks just fine without any hassles whatsoever. The multitasking and CPU processes are aided by a 2GB ram and the GPU is a Mali- T720MP3 that does fair enough with average games and has a few less noticeable challenges with high intensity games, so expect the keep running for long in temple run, subway surf, threes, think and the rest, but don’t go all crazy if it takes Batman to throw a punch in Injustice 2 as then it wont cope. There is a 2MP primary camera behind and VGA secondary camera at the rear.


Since the tablet was explicitly designed for kids, the specifications are not by any means bad, but a lot better could have been done in some aspects. The processor is good enough for basic apps, video streams and web browsing. However, the RAM even at 2GB is just enough for the tab’s functions. The camera is awful even for Kids by the modern-day standard, but since Instagram and Snapchat isn’t the aim here, it’d do for now and at least keep them thrilled with dotted pictures from time to time. The OS and functionality may get boring as the Fire OS, an android-based OS won’t exactly install all .apk files or run all android apps except those specifically for the tablet. The 12-hour duration for the battery is excellent and is just the right amount of juice the kids need to keep going all day.

The Fire for Kids App and the one-year subscription is an opening to a large array of age-sensitive content. Once the subscription is on, kids can access books, videos, apps, characters and allowed web pages. There is enough content on the premium fire for kids offering that will definitely interest your kids in every aspect of the content service.

The Fire for Kids option offers great control on the tablet such as setting off gaming duration, available websites, approve apps for use, set daily targets and even revise sites and accessible content as in the case of YouTube, where some videos can be approved for watch rather than the whole site. The bummer here, however, is the lack of offline video watching and the one year only subscription plan that we consider a little overpriced.

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