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The Acer V7850 offers us a glimpse of the future for projectors, showing us what the future of 4K projection could indeed look like with its V7850 projectors. The 4K however is not the only selling point here as this beauty-in-a-box is literally as compact as they come with the V7850 measuring just 40cm in width. The weight is also a plus at 5.3kg which means it isn’t some device that will cause hassles when moving it around. If you’ve been in search of an affordable and portable home theater projector, Acer’s V7850 will most likely be your answer.

Things we loved about the Acer v7850

  • Amazing detailed images
  • Low noise production
  • SDR HD quality
  • Small, compact size and weight.

Things we didn’t like about the Acer v7850

  • Poor black levels
  • 4K delivery isn’t all that impressive
  • No HLG HDR and Dolby vision

Acer v7850 Design

Open the lid to reveal the Texas Instrument Expanded pixel resolution (XPR) of 0.67-1 inch. There is a 2100-lumens lamp equipped to the 4.15 million digital mirror device. The overall bodywork and finish is excellent. The body is white, featuring a copper finish offset lens that sends a premium class vibe to its admirers. The front is spared from distracting wirings and all connections are placed behind, out of sight. The V7850 has 2 HDMI inputs with only one compliant with the v2.0 HDCP 2.2 standards.


Total score


When all is said and done, the Acer V7850 produces highly detailed images especially if the lights are low. The SDR HD performance is very impressive and the 4K capabilities could be improved. The projector also lacks the HLG HDR and Dolby Vision compatibility and isn’t into deep black levels. If compact is however what you are out to get, the Acer v7850 will give you a fine living room experience with low operating noise while showing off its fine white design and portability. Given the price points, Acer pretty much knocks this project out of the park and it would fit right into any home cinema or office conference room.

Review Video of the Acer V7850

Acer v7850 Communication Ports

There is an Ethernet port, a VGA input and output interface and IR control unit and an audio in and audio out mini jack all also at the rear. The electric screen can rendezvous with this provider with the aid of the 12v trigger also found behind alongside the DC 5V and 12V out units. Atop the V7850 are the control functions for navigation, power and other common functions. The bodywork is finely shaped and there is a space to the left of the lens that lets the projector exchange heat and cool off during use.

Acer v7850 Features

The Acer V7850 features a manually adjusted Zoom and Focus, the vertical control lens is shifted by a knob that pops upward. A little maneuvering will see you figure it out in no time. The remote control is portable and efficient and the backlight system makes it a jewel in the dark. There is ISF calibration and a wall colour compensation feature in order to offer better quality output for those that aren’t using a fabric screen. The Zoom ratio is laudable at 1.6x and one would require some distance, precisely some 3.5m if you are to achieve an image spanning between 71 and 114 inches.

Acer v7850 Presets

There are preset display modes like the Bright, Standard, Rec 079, sRGB, Movie, Sports, Game, Silent, User and Dark Cinema. I personally enjoyed toggling round the Standard, Movie and Dark cinema modes. One can easily fine tune the standard parameters to get a better image such as brightness, saturation, contrast, tint, gamma and color temperature. The Advanced menu pops up the RGB, AcuEngine, dynamic Black and HDR controls. The Dynamic black mode is mostly used when there is light in the room and helps increases the contrast of the picture. It does however come with a downside of more operating noise. The HDR can be adjusted on a slide scale between values 0 to 4. The Projector supports 3D but doesn’t come with any glasses.

Acer v7850 Performance

If you were initially looking to buy a portable 4K projector and do away with your TV, you may want to rethink your decision. The Acer v7850 can be quite shy in the presence of ambient light and bright conditions. The images produced are however, quite visible in dark or dimmed environments, which means to be getting the best out of this projector, one has to turn the lights low, draw down the drapery and close the blinds. Only then does it settle in and show off its dark capabilities. The picture quality is superfine, projecting a natural picture outlook in HD mode. Acer claims it can support Rec.709 and Rec 2020 signals, but while I’m certain of the former, I guess the latter will pretty much be achieved through colour mapping.

Acer v7850 Colours

The colour and texture are impressive and the details can also be mind-blowing and vibrant. The limitations of this projector however come with the ability to manage and produce certain levels of darkness and black. In High definition scenes in movies that require such efforts, the projector occasionally comes out the visuals as more of dark grey than black and the shadow detail is not overly encouraging also. The 4K UHD DLP aims to use its hyper-fast mirror switching technology to deliver a larger amount of pixels from the 4 million mirror that the V7850 is equipped with; this does not seem to do the trick very well in some cases and the projector also does a shady job of de-alienation of 4K resolution.

Acer v7850 Image Enhancer

A shot at obtaining better detail is to use Acer’s Super resolution image enhancer. Reduce the setting and toy round the sharpness and see a great deal of improvements, this however, is still some distance away from perfect and some clarity is still lost in the picture. The UHD performance in real UHD content however comes off really well. The Super resolution however is no bad part of the features that Acer offers in the V7850. In fact, an amount of detail and reflections come through it in excellent manner especially when watching movies that have lesser dark scenes. The Super resolution can clean gritty details and enhance the display of the projector in the everyday movie. The Dark cinema effect and movie mode can also help users attain a better viewing experience.

Looking past its 4k Capabilities, the V7850 does excellently in the SDR (Standard dynamic range) HD and the 2160p pixel density offers astonishing smoothness and sharpness to the image.

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