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The Smart Coffee

After a days' hard work or on a sleepy weekend morning, you had been longing for something really smart that could make a cup of coffee for you! If that's what you want so dearly, here is a good news for you with 'Smarter Coffee'. As the name suggests, this coffee making machine is truly smart with its Wi-Fi enabled function and the best part is that you can control its functions through your smart-phone. The machine even offers unique blends for you, your family, and friends. Order your joe through the smart-phone and relax. You can even set a timing for the morning coffee. In short, Smarter Coffee has some real smart sense and ability to make your every morning a memorable one. It helps you save time when you are running against it and at the same time, allows to set your mood for the day right.

Smart Coffee

Key features: With this coffee maker, you can find new freedom back at home as you don't need to control the machine manually. Besides, you can control the machine from any corner of your home as long as the area is covered with Wi-Fi network. Just feed the stock of beans and others and enjoy your hot joe every fine morning, evening, or in the afternoon when you long for a cup of coffee most. Smart coffee maker with a minimum involvement. The machine has wide adaptability since it functions flawlessly on iOS7 and above and at the same time, on Android 4 plus platform. Smarter Coffee is 3G/4G compatible. Set up a time for your coffee and forget. Your joe will be ready on time. The machine can receive and send messages smartly. It is equipped with a UK plug. Warm-up mode of the machine keeps your coffee hot for 40 minutes.

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