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  • 04/10/2017.

How to Cook Bacon Fast, the Bacon Express is the way to Perfect Bacon, this Bacon Express machine is a new concept in cooking bacon and turkey rashes! The minute we heard about this machine we wanted to have it and SMART gave one to us to play with and boy, were we surprised about the machine, not only that it actually works as advertised but it’s a lot easier to use than we thought.

What we loved about the Bacon Express:

  • Uses Half the Energy (electric)
  • Far Easier to Clean
  • Small Footprint
  • Far Less Fat Cooking

What we didn’t like:

  • Could only get 3 to 4 large rashers of bacon on the grill – would like to see a larger version.

Bacon Express Design

The unit is mainly made from metal which has a very nice black polished surface and silver inserts that makes it look very futuristic and stylish - A sure fired fit in any modern as well as classic kitchen.

Its footprint is very reasonable with a very thin width - being ideal for slipping it into any nook or cranny in order to save kitchen space.

The control dial is made from plastic and lights up in a cool blue when in use.


Total score


This is a great grill and so easy to use, it’s a real-time saver (especially when it comes to cleaning it) and produces some fine cooking results. Its simple design means it fits into any place and any environment (some builders here have been looking at it with longlining eye) and we will be using it on a regular basis.Cleaning it, in our opinion, is far easier than our oven grill, cooking, just the same as a traditional oven, BUT will result in far less fat in the final result!If you want a more convenient and healthier option to cook bacon or turkey rashers, then nothing will beat this bacon express machine.

Bacon Express Cooking surfaces

The central core is covered with an anti-stick coating which we found works great and makes it very simple to clean. The side panels look like a basic metal but after cleaning them we think that they must, equally, be covered in some sort of anti-stick coating as the fat literary rinsed off with water and a cloth.

The core surface lifts up from the centre using two dedicated handles on the sides, then the sides can easily be lifted out as they are attached using magnets. The side panels can also be taken off without the core out, which is an added bonus.

Our video review of the Bacon Express

(How to Cook Bacon Fast, Bacon Express is the way to Perfect Bacon)

Bacon Express Control dial

Very simple to use, simply turn the dial to the desired cooking outcome, think bacon crispy to thick bacon crispy. It also hasa pre- heat setting, which we used once as we found to cook without pre- heating it worked just as well.

Bacon Express Cooking elements

When you removed the core cover you will see the distinct single heating element of the unit. This is all that’s needed for this machine and after testing these multiple times is more than adequate for the cooking process.

We did not burn anything at all – ever!

Bacon Express Fat collector

The fat collector is made from heavy plastic and sites under the unit, which it would do, and works extraordinary well.

The surfaces of the core cooking plate and the side plates overlap the edges so no fat can collect inside the machine, it either stays on the plates or drips down into this tray!

A very clever way to ensure that less cleaning is a de facto with this machine!

Cooking with the Bacon Express

In the video review you will find that we used this machine with two different meats, bacon and turkey rashers.

The result was really rather good with the cooking time being, more or less the same and the result cooked meats excellent especially for the bacon which was far leaner than the Oven grill cooking.

Without a doubt, a lot more fat was collected by the bacon express than by the tray in oven grill during this controlled experiment. After trying a few bacon sandwiches, I can confirm that this is 100% correct, the bacon express bacon was far less fatty!

Energy usage of the Bacon Express

The oven grill is a 2.3kW unit and this one is 1kW, so the bacon express is uses less than half the power then the oven grill. The cooking times are more or less identical and the reason for that, even though its half the power, is all in the design. The bacon is sealed into a closed unit and is surrounded by the heating element. It’s like placing this in the main oven with its doors shut, as a matter of fact, this should maybe be seen as a mini oven and not a grill.

It’s very efficient in cooking and that adds to the value of it, the bacon express uses less than half the energy for the same cooking time and quantity as my traditional electric oven grill!

Bacon Express what’s in the box

The delivery box is very colourful and explains exactly what this unit can do, it also has the security anti tampering label as all smart products do.

Inside we have the main unit in a plastic bag surrounded by polystyrene, a very snug fit.

This comes with a fitted UK power plug.

A simple instructions booklet, which contains:

Health and safety, all the parts and guarantees at the back end its also in Spanish and in French.

And the unit itself.

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