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Sony All Purpose Gadget

By Gary Williams | 03/09/2016 12:26:34

Sony has publicized its 'smart personal assistant' that will go on sale in November comprises a Bluetooth earpiece alike to the AI type gadget used in the hit film “HER”. The Xperia Ear wireless earpiece can notify you with the incoming alerts for messages and calls. The firm also presented off an Xperia Agent, a robot approximately one foot tall which works as a PA.

Smart Ear

It will circumnavigate you to anywhere you wish to go and make your life free from eye and ear as said by Sony Mobile's President and supervisor, Hiroki Totoki of the 'HER' earpiece when it was revealed at the MWC program occurred this year. It incorporates Sony's voice technology and will reply to a number of instructions. The firm claims that this earpiece can bring revolution to new technological world and help in communication and networking. This earpiece can read the information related to schedule, weather and on other necessary alerts which the user requires on the go.

Technological Revolution

Features To Note

This device is empowered with the voice technology used by the Sony which helps the device to listen the commands over the internet. It gets connected to the Bluetooth and the voice command can customize the settings of the device and the notification of the applications can also be configured. The ear bud attached to the gadget is of soft silicon and thus it helps in continuous use and the water protection is also provided to the gadget.

This product is released in MWC Barcelona and is available in graphite black color. The Sony Xperia Eye is a vision provided to the personal assistant, which also joins the three features simultaneously. This gadget us quite capable in providing the information to the other three features, Xperia Ear, Xperia Agent and Xperia Project.

This gadget will also enable the user to keep an eye on the home even when he is not around. The Xperia agent informs about the happenings in the home frontier with the camera installed inside the home.

The message is conveyed to the Sony smartphone device and the gadget will receive all the updates from the camera regarding the scenario inside the house. Thus the feature helps in monitoring the activities that is happening inside the home. This feature is a kind of spying feature of the gadget and the gadget is quite capable in performing the deed.

What Else To Know?

The CEO of Sony claims that the gadget will provide the communication details to the user and will also enable the control of the appliances used in home frontier.The interactive interface is incorporated into this Xperia project where the user can manipulate the web-pages, images and screens of a smartphone. 

The projected image of the gadget will respond to the voice and touch recognition similar to the way a person interacts with the smartphone. The Xperia Ear is quite capable of informing the user regarding the missed call and message notification. For making this happen the user does not do any special motion, just he requires plugging the device and enjoying the facility provided.


Plug and Play Ear

Major Highlights

It reads users information such as your schedule, weather and the latest news to keep you up-to-date on the go.It responds to verbal commands, so you can ask it to make a call, perform an internet search, dictate a message or navigate to a certain location. It’s available in Graphite Black and the innovative case doubles as a charger, so you can simply pop it in when you need to recharge.