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Samsung SmartCam PT Review

By Allyson W | 22/03/2017 09:38:23

The new released Samsung SmartCam PT camera is a WiFi security camera with pan and tilt features that can be setup to notify or alert you to motion and sound. Even features a great Night Vision system but has some limitations.

Samsung SmartCam PT Review


  • You don’t have to pay a monthly fee. You can still view through the web as well as an app.
  • Another cool feature of the SmartCam PT is that it automatically tracks a subject.
  • Night Vision!


  • The app needs a few improvements.
  • No cloud storage for your images but then no monthly fee to pay!
  • The SmartCam PT camera’s field of view is pretty narrow at 96.1°
  • Oddly enough no IFTTT?

Samsung SmartCam PT Review

Design and features

The SmartCam PT Camera comes in a cone shape with a narrow top and a wide base which makes it sit on any flat surface.

This camera is made of black plastic with a grey base; there is a status LED under the Samsung logo. You can choose to deactivate the status LED if you wish. The SmartCam PT camera has a rubber base comes which stops it from moving around. It also comes with a threaded socket if you would like to attach the camera to a tripod. You can also access a reset switch and WiFi connect button from the bottom of the camera.

The SmartCam PT camera is powered by an AC adapter that makes use of a micro USB cable. The SmartCam PT camera also has a micro SD card slot in the base. The Micro SD card is used to store motion detection clips and also continuous recording AVI files, these can be saved in 5-minute increments. The SmartCam PT camera can sit on any flat surface, but if you would like to attach it to a wall, you can do that with the bracket which is included.

Samsung SmartCam PT Review


Setting up the Samsung Smartcam PT camera is fast and simple.

• The first step is to download the free Android version or iOS of the Samsung SmartCam PT app. You’ll be asked to setup an account if you don't have one already.

• After this, you simply need to follow the step by step guidelines to add the camera.

• When you connect the camera to the USB adapter, wait a bit for the LED (located on the front of the camera) to show red.

• Press and hold the WiFi button on the bottom of the camera until the LED changes to yellow, then press next, press the camera in the on-screen list, select the active WiFi SSID, name the camera whatever you want, set the camera’s password and that’s it.

You can set the camera to show an alert on your mobile phone when movement is detected, but the alert won’t show a thumbnail image of the motion. You can also set the camera to send you an email when movement or sound is detected. These emails usually include a thumbnail image of the motion, but be careful when using this option as there is no limit to the number of emails you will receive, so if anyone walks into the environment, it might send 6 or 7 emails within a very short period, which can be a real annoyance.

Samsung SmartCam PT Review


Bearing in mind the night-vision, quoted image quality, and the motorised tilt and pan, the SmartCam PT is an excellent choice when it comes to cheap and effective surveillance. It does have some issues one of the big ones is the lack IFTTT so you can program it to do various functions when and if they happen, this is almost a requirement for a modern cam like this.

Samsung SmartCam PT Review