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  • 20/06/2017.

Robomow, the autonomous, efficient and economic lawn-mowing bot is a household name in garden and lawn maintenance that has been in existence for over twenty years. The RS635 Pro SX is the latest flagship machinery; an impressive addition to the company’s outstanding product line, guaranteed at giving customers satisfaction and the best lawn appearance they can dream of. Its efficiency and economic performance is quite impressive, have proved to be better than the standard petrol mower anytime and any day! The RS635 leaves such a good impression, making your lawn visually appealing to the eye, with little or no personal effort put in on your part.We will be reviewing some essential features and performance in details.


  • Autonomous and independent
  • Control, precision and power
  • Low maintenance cost and fuel consumption
  • High efficiency mowing up to 5,000 square meters
  • Reliable battery capacity


  • No stripe and design in mowing system
  • The setup can be a headache, consuming both time and energy
  • The app does very little with no significant improvement on the mowing experience.
  • Customer Service could be better

Features, Capacity and Performance


Total score


The Robomow RS635 Pro SX is a win-win no matter how you look at it. Although not-so-cheap, it does more than enough to justify its price tag with its impressive performance. Its low maintenance culture and fuel consumption is another reason to consider. Our Robo was remarkable with its high independent and autonomous operations, saving both time and effort on our part as we usually spend close to 5 hours on our petrol mower while still not achieving results close to this. The RS635 is guaranteed to leave your lawn looking well-manicured all year long.


The Robomow RS635 is equipped with a compact 6.0Ah battery in excellent condition on purchase. The battery once fully charged can power the Rainbow mow for a significant amount of time during its running. On nearing total depletion of its batteries, with around some 25 percent left the Rainbow mow returns to its docking station for more juice. It is however noteworthy to have the docking station should be cleared and flat; we observed that our RS635 or Robo as we like to call it, had troubles docking with so many obstructions and slopes to climb on its way to the docking station set up for it initially. The Rainbow RS635 would go to work every day of the week if required, but for top performance and as a matter of must, it is recommended that it takes a day off, as it requires close to 24 hours to totally rebalance its battery component cells. The battery is covered by Rainbow on a three-year warranty.


The RS635 can chop up to 5,000 square meters of grass unaided and without any compromise on its performance. As earlier discussed, the RS635 can efficiently perform for 6 days out of the 7 in the week. It can also be programmed to work in the night without any worries of noise disturbance and waking your neighbours as it works almost silently. The Robomow would take an average of twelve hours daily, six days a week to perfectly mow a 1-acre lawn as demonstrated by our Robo. The RS635 will logically take lesser time to mow a smaller lawn, but it’s the slow-but-efficient operation that ensures it trumps the traditional lawnmower. Robo’s smaller cutter and blade meant it took its time in mowing the lawn with both efficiency, consistency and beauty. No millimeter of grass is overlooked by the RS635, its terrain tracking system is impressive ensuring it misses very few blades of grass in the field. There is also cleanliness as the mulch is infused almost instantly into the lawn.

The long-term result is a low growing, smooth and lush green lawn.

Precision and Controls

The machine houses a control panel for setting some parameters. There is also an LCD panel, a rain sensor and a couple of waterproof control buttons. The height desired, mowing schedules and other specifications for the mowing can be entered on the equipment. The RS635 comes with an app that provides you with several other well detailed functions such as anti-theft, manual steering, programming and diagnostics. In all honesty, the app is a really cool feature, but we soon came to find very little use of it as our Robo worked seamlessly without it.

The precision and controls offered by the RS635 left us feeling awe-struck. The RS635 can be programmed to mow a particular area of lawn with an option to mark out certain areas to be avoided by the bot. An accompanying perimeter wire is used to set up boundaries for the RS635 to ensure that your mower doesn’t step out of your property and give your neighbours an unwanted trim. As soon as it comes close to the perimeter, the RS635 turns around and continues to work other areas within the perimeter. The machine does not mow, however, in any design pattern; this might be an issue if you typically desire some patterning on your lawns. The flexibility and control gets only better as you can create several mowing areas and designate a mowing sequence for the RS635.

Setting up the automated lawnmower took a substantial amount of time even as we had elected to go for the Robomow setup service costing £229, I can only imagine how long it would have taken to get it done on our own with our acre-sized lawn.


It is safe to say that we haven’t done a lot of work on our Robo since we got it. The RS635 automated lawn mower is almost 100% maintenance free in dry conditions, there might be a little cleaning required after wet mowing, but it is not something of significant stress. This low maintenance requirement also puts the Robomow RS635 ahead of other ride-on and petrol mowers, as the latter usually attracts some significant maintenance fee from time to time.

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