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MacBook Pro 13 Review

By Allyson W | 05/01/2017 10:26:50

The new 13-in MacBook Pro with Touch Bar from Apple is a portable, super light, attractive and expensive PC device that holds the future in its, bar, literary. All in all, the laptop is a beautiful and powerful machine that everyone will want and most probably will be a massive hit.

MacBook Pro 13 Review


  • Innovative Touch Bar
  • Thinner and lighter
  • Larger touchpad
  • Flatter keyboard
  • Touch ID is handy on the Mac
  • SSD hard drive is amazingly fast
  • The screen is amazing
  • As usual, a look again, design


  • Hefty price for the Touch Bar model
  • The USB-C-only ports


With an all-aluminum chassis, the new MacBook Pro is slimmer at just 14.9mm which is a notable achievement in design. The MacBook Pro is lighter, thinner and better than its predecessor, with the expanded touchpad and the all new flattened keyboard. It comes with a newer selection of Intel processors, brighter Retina screen, and a faster flash storage. The new 13-in MacBook Pro also comes with Thunderbolt 3-powered USB-C, which is a move that many high-range Windows laptops are following currently. Apple also introduced the Touch ID fingerprint sensor.

MacBook Pro 13 Review


The Touch Bar is an extension of the keyboard, according to Apple. The Touch Bar is a long, small skinny OLED touchscreen which is located right above the keyboard, and it is the replacement for the traditional F1-F12 keys, as well as the power button and escape key. On the right side of the Touch Bar is the fingerprint sensor, this is comparable to the finger reader found on the iPhone. You can customize the Touch Bar’s set, and Apple made great efforts to offer users the ability to modify the Touch Bar as it suits them. The Touch Bar by default, displays system tools, which includes volume control and the screen brightness. But it can be used, from simple buttons to a more complicated touchscreen controls. But when using the select apps, a new contextual commands appear on the OLED touchscreen of the bar, and the system tools will move up into a reduced version on the far right of the bar. Users can still have access to the volume and brightness controls, but the user must tap on the displayed small arrow to expand it and get the full default list of commands back. The Touch Bar offers a lot of good stuff. The Touch Bar is filled with many possibilities, but some of its functions might remain hidden under extra swipes and taps, it all depends on the app you use it with. This will be worked out we are sure and this bar could become the solution to a lot of interesting problems in usage such as with office and gaming apps. There are no default instructions on how to use the Touch Bar, but it's up to the user to watch out for all the new buttons that will pop up in each application and master how to use them. In many cases, the buttons are presented logically, in an app like Safari, the Touch Bar buttons are a perfect distillation of the important functions, and it is easy to pick up and use immediately. With the Touch Bar, moving between tabs is fast. You can directly hit the icon for each tab, or by simply dragging your finger across to swiftly browse through the open tabs.

MacBook Pro 13 Review


Apple improved to an entirely new keyboard for the 13-in MacBook Pro. The keyboard comes in full-size with the same weird arrow keys. The keyboard feels different and good.

MacBook Pro 13 Review


The 13-inch version features the incredibly exciting Force Touch trackpad. Most users won't notice that the trackpad does not click, because of the proprietary haptic feedback technology from Apple.

MacBook Pro 13 Review


THE MacBook Pro 13-in with Touch Bar is a beautiful product, although you might take a little time before you master the use of the Touch Bar. There is a model without the Touch Bar for those that cannot cough up the incredible high price that comes along with the Touch Bar. However, it is this Touch Bar that makes all the difference for this machine, without it, this is simply another Mac.

MacBook Pro 13 Review