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Lumix G85 Review

By Allyson W | 07/11/2016 08:58:53

Panasonic is among the biggest names in the camera market, and with the new Lumix G85 they might have, yet again, changed the market. The new mid-range Lumix G85/G80 sit above the Lumix G7 with the new video-oriented features and the redesigned magnesium body. The G85 is a mirrorless camera that comes with customizable buttons, fantastic physical control points, and screen touch capability.

Lumix G85 Review


The Lumix G85 looks like the Lumix G7 at first glance, but Panasonic made the camera go through a lot of changes from the previous versions to perfections like the magnesium front panel that makes it more solid and looks great. The camera is wrapped in a rubber-like material, which is another great feel and look item. Panasonic also protects the camera against dust and water splash with the new built in dust and splash-proof weatherproof seals.

Lumix G85 Review

The grip is also larger, and it extends beyond the camera's main body, making it easier for you to wrap your fingers around the camera. The extended grip does not Touchscreen the camera look any larger than its predecessor. It comes with 4K video capture, a 16MP Four Thirds sensor with no optical low-pass filter and 5-axis image stabilization. It has a magnesium alloy front plate with weather-seal and offers a new electromagnetic shutter that combat shutter shock, it has an upgraded electronic viewfinder

Lumix G85 Review


4K video capabilities

16MP Four Thirds MOS sensor without optical low pass filter

Splash and dust-proof body

Focus stacking and post focus

2.36M-dot OLED EVF

3-inch 1.04M-dot fully-articulating touch sensitive screen LCD

5-axis image stabilization with Dual I.S. 2

Lumix G85 Review


Panasonic corrected the issues with the G7 by relocating the SD card slot to the side of the grip. Also, the electronic viewfinder was upgraded somewhat which makes this easy to use and now its really easy to find your way around the menu.

Lumix G85 Review

Panasonic introduced new innovations with the G85 including an electronic first-curtain shutter, which will further reduce shutter vibration, this was not a massive problem in the G7 but this upgrade does make it just that much better. The battery life has also been improved with the larger 1,200mAh battery that can have at least 330 shots, meaning it is three times better than the G7, according to Panasonic as we regularly got a LOT more that that from our G7. The G85 offers fully articulating touchscreen, higher magnification EVF, and dual top-plate control dials which is from the G7 as well so the familiarity is still there. There is an additional shutter release with the optional DMW-BGG1 vertical battery, and there is another room for a second battery, which will effectively double the shooting time.

Lumix G85 Review


  • 4K Photo and Video
  • Viewfinder
  • Touchscreen
  • Customizable Buttons
  • Good price


  • The AF system is not robust

Lumix G85 Review


The Lumix G85 is a good camera that integrates all the smartest tech from Panasonic into a single digital SLR-styled camera. The weatherproof and more features make it a beautiful camera. The G85 still stands out among other 16MP cameras from Panasonic and is the most appealing choice, because the weather-sealing, the upgraded electronic viewfinder, and the updated Dual IS system.

Lumix G85 Review

The G85 is very easy to operate, its buttons are large, and if you are familiar with touchscreen smartphones, then the camera touchscreen interface should not be a problem. This is an excellent 4K camera as well and should be seen as a Pro Version of the G7, it price is a at least 50% higher than the G7 as well so this all means that it is squarely targeted towards the mid user range market compared with the lower beginner market that the G7 was intended for. Saying that the G7 is a fantastic camera and well underpriced for what you get with that one!

Lumix G85 Review