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  • 06/12/2017.

Jaybird Run is a set of high quality wireless earphones from fitness audio specialists Jaybird. The Jaybird Run versions are the company’s answer to Apple’s AirPods coming in at $180 available in both white and black colours. These wireless earbuds are hot in the market and are highly efficient and comfortable for even the most sweat-dripping exercises. With the Run, Jaybird delivers stylish simplicity and non-isolating earphones that fit snugly into your ears and isolates you from the world so you can enjoy your workouts as you like. The Jaybird Run show’s off the years of experience that Jaybird has racked over the years producing sweat-resistant and perfectly-fitting headphones for workout and exercise lovers.

Things we loved about the Jaybird Run

  • Comfortable
  • Snug fit
  • Quick charging and standard battery performance
  • Decent audio

Things we didn’t like about the Jaybird Run

  • One-button control that limits media controls and user accessibility

Jaybird Run Design, features and comfort

As earlier mentioned, the device features two colors, giving users the option to choose between black or white with both colors sporting a nice silver accent. The silver parts however do more than just beautification as it houses the Jaybird Run’s Bluetooth antennas; we found this quite commendable as keeping the size portable is important for athletic earbuds. The device sits very comfortably in your ears using a flat design that doesn’t bulge out like most of the other options in the market.

On the outside, each earbud houses a discreet single button that is placed behind the Jaybird logo. The two buttons serve separate functions and can be alternated and configured. The right button allows users to play/pause and answer/end calls on the right earbud while the left button allows Siri/Google assistant to come up. The right button may also be configured to serve as the volume increase/answer or reject calls and the left serves to decrease the volume. Double-pressing each of the earbuds in this mode offer music controls for next/backward. Since wireless earbuds are all about fitting and comfort during vigorous and high-intensity workouts.


Total score


The Jaybird Run is an excellent earbud from the fitness audio master. The device has neat sound output, bass and midtone performance but the quality may get a little distorted at higher volumes. The quick charging is a gem and the unrivaled comfort and fit that the Jaybird Run offers users make it an ideal brand for fitness enthusiast. There is a small issue in the control powers as the device only uses a one-button control mode on each earbud, but if you can look past this, the jaybird Run is a winner that will serve you well and won’t fall out of your ears when you are doing your exercise. Are they the best alternatives to the AirPods? It is hard to tell when comparing a product to one made by Apple. Bottom line, if you aren’t getting the AirPods, these are not a big downgrade.

Our video review of the Jaybird Run

Jaybird Run ear tips, ear buds

Jaybird offers some options with 2 multi-sized round silicone tips sport fins and eartips and two larger tips that have an oval shape. The oval-shaped tips bring the functionality and accessibility to get better seal for passive isolation, while this didn’t totally block out all noises, the isolation was pretty decent and will keep out most sounds. The package also includes four wingtips of different sizes that have been designed to fit snugly into your ears and catch your outer ears. The many range of options available guarantee that even the most awkward shaped ears will find something fitting.

Jaybird Run App and Sound Quality

The Jaybird Run is designed to work with the MySound app for Jaybird that is available on iOS and android. Jaybird allows users to customize the Equalizer of the Run and manipulate the profiles to your taste. There are also presets which includes the Flat EQ and Jaybird’s default signature that provides more bass and a slightly lower touch in the midrange outputs. The EQ is totally customizable with the aid of an included EQ-curve that is easy to use. This allows you to drag the bass, treble and mid-tones to suit your preference. Another nice feature is that each customization is set to save to the Run earbuds and as such, if you feel the need to delete the app, you can totally do so.

Jaybird Run sound

On to the sound. The quality is quite synonymous to what you will experience on the Jaybird X3. Both devices use a 6mm driver; the Jaybird Run has a nice bass that is well grounded and empathic. This is very good for use in noisy workout sessions and weight lifting.

There are instances where the bass may come off as a little boomy, but more often than not, I found the Run’s quality in that regard to be just fine. On the right earbud there is a small microphone in-built that works without any hassles. The left earbud also has a microphone that allows some ambient air in during calls to ensure that your voice doesn’t come out on the other side too loud or noisy. When dealing with the Bluetooth the reception and connectivity proved to be excellent.

The Jaybird Run allows a decent distance between the smartphone and the earbuds and I can personally testify that this range spans a little more than 10 meters. Once the distance becomes one meter too many there is a cut in signal experienced, sometimes, this may be experienced between the two earbuds, end result You’d hear some patchy sounds.

Jaybird Run Battery and charging

As with the case with true wireless headphones, the Jaybird Run earbuds come in a hard charging case that sports a bulky capsule shape. The capsule will fit just fine in your pockets and provides protection for your earbuds that lie within. The case provides an additional eight hours of charge, adding to the four-hour play time that each earbud in the Jaybird Run. Although this means there is an impressive 12 hours available to listeners, the real highlight of the power and charging technology used here is the quick charging. Quick charging allows users to gain some additional 60 minutes after 5 minutes of charge. The charge levels are easily identifiable using the small LED indicators on the front of the device. The battery level is also read out through audio prompts on the earbuds once the device is turned on.

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