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iRobot Looj M330 Review

By Allyson W | 11/01/2017 09:27:34

Cleaning gutter is a rotten task, especially if there is a little standing water in the gutter. iRobot has provided or invented a new solution to this a gutter cleaning gadget called the Looj M330. Its remote controlled as well making it a fascinating new toy for us to look at. The Looj M330 is a strong and active cleaning gadget fitted with a spinning brush, and at first glance, the gadget looks like a weapon of war due to its caterpillar tracks. It does give it that sturdy look and it feel it too. The gadget is waterproof, and it is rechargeable. It performs excellently with straight gutters, but be ready for plenty debris all over your lawn and roof as result of the way it operates.

iRobot Looj M330 Review


  • Quick gutter clearing
  • Saves you from frequent ladder climbing
  • Dependable
  • Handy belt clip
  • It does a decent job
  • HANDLE is great!


  • It will mess your lawn and roof a little
  • Can’t navigate turns

iRobot Looj M330 Review


The Looj M330 main body is long and narrow, with rubber tracks.

The rubber tracks are designed in such a way that it can move along your gutters in any direction (forward and backward) to ensure maximum cleaning of your gutters. The gadget is also designed to turn itself over and automatically reverse if it meets any stiff debris or mess. The Looj M330 end has a cone with a rubber scraper designed to remove any dried-on debris, and it has a power take-off axel.

The axel is where the spinning brush will be attached. The spinning brush consists of long bristles and thick rubber blades of different sizes. It can spin at 500 rpm in either direction, and it can easily scrub your gutters to polish clean level as long as it’s not too deep.

iRobot Looj M330 Review


The M330 comes with a detachable handle which allows users to carry it and place it in the gutter without hindrance or stress, come to think about it, this feature is a great one by itself as you don’t want to hug this thing after a bit of cleaning. The handle also serves as the remote control, because apart from the power button which is located on the body, the remaining buttons and control are on the handle. With new batteries, the remote control works smoothly within a 20-metre range, and if it goes out of range and reach the end of the gutter, it can automatically flip over and reverse back. This handle is a great feature, thought I point that out, again. When using the handle as a remote control, you have the options of forward, reverse, automatic clean mode, clockwise and anticlockwise spinning and off for the brush.

The Looj M330 comes with a belt clip to secure the handle when climbing or coming down the ladders. The complete package comes with a 3000mAh 7.2Volt battery, freestanding charger, a handy belt clip for the remote control /handle.

iRobot Looj M330 Review

If you have mainly straight gutters which fill up all the time then the Looj M330 is very effective when it comes to cleaning them. It scrubs and cleans better than what you are likely to do with your hands, and the remote control features ensure it will never get beyond your reach. With the iRobot Looj M330, you will save yourself the stress of climbing the ladder always just to clean your gutter, let the M330 do it for you.
We do wonder if it’s safe to say that using this in a dry condition is a better way to use it, it makes for easier lawn cleaner and doesn’t splash dirtily water everywhere but then, we do understand that the need of usages is usually dependent of having the time instead of the weather outside.

iRobot Looj M330 Review

Standard sizes and technical details of what the iRobot Looj M330 Review can fit into

iRobot Looj M330 Review