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  • Mr Steven Right |
  • 19/09/2017.

Reviewing the innovative Tunnel Toaster by Smart. This new concept toaster has got some fantastic features to it, which have never been seen in a toaster before and, as we had this for a few weeks now we decided that its time to share it with you all!

What we loved about the tunnel toaster by SMART

  • Quality Build
  • Endless toasting opportunities
  • Relatively Cheap
  • Clamp is brilliant
  • Cleaning is easy
  • Slimline for easy storage

What we didn’t like about the tunnel toaster by SMART

  • Need it longer for whole French sticks

Tunnel Toaster Design

The tunnel toaster is an interesting looking device which looks more or less the way the name describes it, it’s a tunnel toaster by name and a tunnel toaster by design.

The unit we have is stylish white with black trims and metal covering anything inside it. This makes it very simple to place and to see in any kitchen and its footprint is very reasonable due to its shape and as can be seen in our Review Video:

It can fit into any given space and not be obtrusive.

The control panel switch is also made out black plastic which fits this toaster perfectly.


Total score


This toaster was an absolute treat to use and produced some fantastic results using all sorts of new fun things to toast! Due to the design the toaster is very slim which makes it an easy items to store as it will fit into any nock or cranny, its also unbelievably easy to clean as the slider itself holds the crumbs and that come out with the toast. Its design also allows this device to toast a range of things you would normally not toast and that makes it even more fun to use and handy when you have something you want to grill but don’t want to turn on the main oven!

Tunnel Toaster Elements

The innovative part of this toaster is that the toast slides into the toaster instead of descended into the machine, this makes it uniquely suitable for all sorts of toasting, which we explore here but the main question has to be how safe the actual heating elements are.

As can be seen they are covered by a very fine but hardy stainless steel mesh that feels very sturdy to the touch.

The handles on the slider is also made form a heat safe material which is cold to the touch even after extensive toasting.

Tunnel Toaster by Smart Toasting

Due to its shape this toaster can toast things that any other toaster can’t do, ever tried to toast a full pitta bread? The dome shape also makes the heat transverse evenly throughout as it can’t escape from the top as it would in a normal classic toaster.

The toasting here is very even and due to this heat retention we think a lot more efficient as well.

Tunnel Toaster a sliding Toaster Rail

The tunnel toaster comes with a sliding toast rack that goes into the toaster on a rail.

This rack also opens and closes by pressing on a leaver which makes it simple to fit items into it and later to remove them.

The black high density plastic makes this cold to the touch even after a full toasting session which is good as you would not want to burn yourself every time you remove your toast.

Tunnel Toaster Pitta bread toasting

Our first test of this was to make a pitta bread toast with melted cheese, as you can see it fits in nicely and the result was perfect.

Tunnel Toaster American Style French bread hoagie

Yes, we had to try it, could one really toast a large chunk of French bread as toast to make it into an American hoagie? The result came out perfect with everything warm and melted.

Tunnel Toaster pocket toasts

Everyone has tried the pocket toasts that are made for normal toasters, well, we decided to try in with the tunnel toaster as well, and yes, it worked a treat!

Tunnel Toaster Sweet potato toasts?

How about a super healthy sweet potato slices, cooked to perfection inside a toaster. Yes, its now possible and the trick, we found, was to toast it twice at 6.5 on the timer, a handy tip for everyone that’s going to try that. Then we simply added Avocado, Salmon and Cheese, with a bit of lemon sprinkle to finish it off, absolutely delicious.

Tunnel Toaster What’s in the box

Inside the box you will find the unit itself protected in Styrofoam and a plastic bag. There is also a very informative enclosed booklet which contains simple instructions, maintenance and cleaning, well, it’s a toaster, but in all major languages. Also gives some very solid warranties on the unit.

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