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Hover Camera Passport Review

By Allyson W | Updated: 10/12/2016 10:31:50

The Hover Camera Passport is a nice new cool little gadget. It is a portable and foldable drone with an inbuilt 4k camera. The new Hover Camera Passport is rather a unique hovering camera with a lightweight design that makes it foldable and durable, with its props contained in fully protective cages. The price is modest, not cheap but reasonable for what you get, and there is an easy app for iOS devices.

Hover Camera Passport Review


The drone design is remarkable. It weighs only 242 grms, and the weight contributed to the main reason why it is not only foldable but fully enclosed making the camera to be comparable to the old VCR tape in term of size. There are four propellers that were guarded by a caged enclosure that is made up of Carbon Fiber. The enclosure is designed to ensure the safety of users from the propellers. Furthermore, the enclosure also guaranteed that the propellers wouldn't get damaged during an accident (if any occur). And there is a camera flash that will help deliver great shots in low light locations.


The complete package includes a protective and portable carrying case with strap, two batteries with a wall adapter that can charge both batteries at the same time, extra propellers, a USB cable, a bag.

Hover Camera Passport Review


Hover Camera Passport is part of foldable drones that do not need FAA certification because they are below the FAA’s limit of 250 grms, this simply means that potential users of Hover Camera Passport will not have to register the camera with the FAA, which is a great feature!

Hover Camera Passport Review


One of the best features of the drone is the 13-MP camera that is capable of shooting and delivering 4K videos. The camera comes equipped with a dual-tone flash that makes use electronic stabilization. The camera can also capture video using the 3-MP camera that is located on its underbelly. Apart from the enclosure, there is a guidance system that was made up of several sensors like the Sonar at the bottom. The camera is good but not great as it’s a fixed camera and uses a combination of software image stabilization and single axis motion to keep the image from shaking, now, this is not the best solution here and this does show in the finished videos. However, it does shoot in 4k which is rather amazing from such a small drone.

Hover Camera Passport Review


There is a feature called Orbit. It allows you to film yourself independently while the drone circles you. There is also a 360 Spin feature which allows you to film panoramic 360-degree videos that will capture all your footage in any of your chosen environment. The drone can reach the highest speed of 17 mph or 8 m/s and a maximum altitude of about 6,562 ft, without wind the maximum hovering time is 10 minutes. However, 8 minutes is the real time here which is not bad at all. Recharging is at about 45 minutes which is, again, very reasonable.

Hover Camera Passport Review


There is a well-designed iOS app for the Passport, and the app offers simple onscreen controls for forward and backward movement. The drone can quickly turn toward the left or right on the iPhone screen just with a finger swipe, the Passport app also comes with the 360 Panorama mode feature, body tracking and face tracking features.

Hover Camera Passport Review


  • Simple to Use
  • Relatively Cheap
  • Great Functions
  • FUN


  • A little to unprofessional
  • Need a better Camera here!


The Passport drone is a camera that will always deliver whenever you need its service, subject to battery being charged! It is portable and easy to carry around, and the price is good, there won’t be a bored moment with the Hover Camera when it comes to selfies. However, saying that, this drone is a selfie camera and nothing much else, its low range and limited camera function does not lend itself to a lot of other uses.

Hover Camera Passport Review