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Hive 2 review

By Allyson W | 10/11/2016 07:25:35

Hive Active Heating 2

Hive Active Heating is the system that has the highest profile among all the brand name that offers full control services for household heating system. Stems directly, or rather is an update, from the original Hive that has proven to be quite popular by itself, this model is much more attractive.

Hive Active Heating 2 promises to reduce your energy consumption by bringing your heating system up to date, by introducing a new thermostat and updated app, with this new features you will be in charge using your smartphone as a device that controls all your heating system.

It’s also a complete control package for your home heating system and allows you to control the effective heat in multiple zones if needed.

Hive 2 review


Hive Active Heating 2 is a system that is made up of different components, which are all interconnected, and it was designed by the British Gas. The idea of moving away from manual controls is what gave birth to Hive, with Hive you can control your heating system using a simple and easy to use format at any time, from any place.

It is a controller that substitutes existing central heating and hot water controls, and it has a wall regulator and a thermostat, and the hub that connects it to the internet. The wall regulator now sports a much cleaner, futuristic, look which we think looks great compared with the older model. The other bits can be hidden away and is as such not such a big deal design vise.

To have full control of Hive you need to use the app on your smartphone or the web control panel. The mobile app is available on Android and iOS, while the web dashboard means you can access Hive anywhere you have a browser. The functionality of your heating system remain the same, but the programming and control of it is what is the point of this system.

Hive 2 review


British Gas will install it for you, which means you will not face the challenge of where to buy the components and then later wonder who will install it for you, this is in an important part of the system as you’ll also get the British Gas assurance that they have done the install and they, usually, get it right the first time. The Hive Active Heating Kit together with the installation fees are all included in the price, but you can get the kit at a lower price if you decide to install it using other installers. But it is better you allow British Gas to install it.


The app has gone through many revisions, and new features have been added since it was launch. The app is the best platform to interact with Hive. Although the new thermostat is very easy to use, the app still remains the most flexible way of using Hive, because you can change the settings when sitting on the sofa, or when you are walking down the road. The advantage of the app is that you can be far away from home and still have control over your heating system.

The app comes with a geolocation feature that will detect if you have left home, and the app will offer to turn the heating off. The feature works with the location of your smartphone, and the default trigger area is 700ft, you can change that if you want to.

It also come with IFTTT (if this then that) which allows for some cool new features like if you are leaving work then switch on heating, or, if you are around the house for a set distance make sure that the heating is on etc etc.


Another new addition to Hive is the Holiday Mode. You can access this feature through the new thermostat, app, and web.

Using this mode, you can set the dates that you will be away from home by setting your departure and arrival times over a calendar view. You can also set the temperature you want your house to maintain while you are away.

Hive 2 review


You will enjoy the control that the Hive offers through smartphones. Many see the ability to control heating system away from home as an advantage but in reality, you will use more of Hive in the home during cold winters evening. The stability of the apps has improved, and the latest thermostat is incredible, Hive 2 is now much more sophisticated than when it was launch.


  • Good look
  • Smooth interface
  • Powerful app
  • Strong connectivity


  • You need a Professional to install it

Hive 2 review


There are a growing number of competitors, but British Gas makes Hive an easy option to select. All the new features give you more options for greater control, but Honeywell and Nest remain a strong competitor. Overall, Hive Active Heating 2 is great, offering a new thermostat that looks great, works well and is made by the biggest heating company in the UK, so that should give you some assurances that this thing works as advertised!

Hive 2 review