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  • 19/09/2017.

Hisense NU9700 Review, 70 inches of glorious UHD screen.The Hisense H70NU9700 is Hisense’s flagship model television for 2017. The massive screen runs across 70 inches of LCD television technology with Ultra High definition (UHD) certification. For £3000, Hisense’s offering is a crisp, colour-rich LED backlit television that breaks away from the norm with most mid-range prized TVs, and puts the company somewhere in the picture with some of the big boys. There may be one or two imperfections as expected, but for the price offering, Chinese manufacturer Hisense, delivers on their own end of the bargain bringing visual elegance.

Things we liked about the NU9700

  • Impressive contrast and brightness
  • Excellent screen size for the price
  • Commendable Smart TV interface
  • Great design
  • One of the best deals in that price range
  • Not bad for gaming (37ms lag)
  • GREAT bang for your bucks!

Things we didn’t like about the NU9700

  • Less natural colours
  • Less subtle performance compared to a UHD premium TV

The Hisense NU9700 Design and Features

Right from the box, the Hisense NU9700 lets you know that it is a premium TV. It is beautifully and compactly packed and there is nothing that makes us more impressed than to see that the TV looked premium as soon as it came out of the box. The design of the frame is a home run by Hisense who elected to use some metal work on the NU9700’s body and stand. Speaking of the stand, the device is one of the models that will require a wide TV stand for its base, if it is to be placed on any surface apart from the ground or the base. This is because the stand is designed with both feet far apart with each one nearing the corners of the TV set. The design means that you’ll need a television stand that spans at least 1.3 meters in width and 0.34 meters in depth; that being said, the base does a great job of keeping the TV balanced on any surface.


Total score


If you are looking for a television that offers perfect colour accuracy, subtleness or vibrancy, the Panasonic and LG currently rule those categories. Hisense’s offering on the other hand is for TV loves that fancy a big screen with 4K and HDR. For the incredible £3000 price tag, the Hisense will be a huge hit with all the performance and features that it offers. For those who aren’t overly bothered about Super AV quality, after all, most broadcasts can’t even touch it yet, then the Hisense NU9700 is all you want in a big screen and decent price.

Our Video Review on the The Hisense NU9700

The Hisense NU9700 Screen

Back to the screen itself, the NU9700’s screen is enclosed within a sleek and thin bezel that isn’t ultrathin but is just narrow enough to almost be completely out of sight. The entire set is black in colour. The NU9700 comes with a sizeable 70 inches’ worth of screen space, equipped with 4K Ultra HD resolution capabilities with a 10-bit panel. There is capacity of a colour gamut to 85 percent of the Rec. 2020. The TV is laudably bright as it boasts of some 1000 nits and sports a directly-lit backlighting over the local backlighting with some 150 dimming zones. The device features a lighting precision improvement technology that is proprietary to Hisense called ULED. There’s even more, the NU9700 is compatible with HDR for now but will receive a December 2017 update that will unleash its HLG (Hybrid log gamma) capabilities to make the TV HDR broadcast friendly.

The Hisense NU9700 Ports and Connectivity

As far as connections go, the Hisense NU9700 greets its users with 4 HDMI ports. Of these 4 HDMI ports, two are equipped with 4K capabilities at 60Hz. The NU9700 has 3 ports alongside a digital optical output. For one reason or the other, Hisense includes the less recent composites, component and SCART input interfaces. We found this particularly handy to use with our legacy kit lying around.

The Hisense NU9700 Software and Applications

Like most of the big boys with a Proprietary OS, Hisense follows the laid down marker with its VIDAA U operating system. The interface is easily assessable and has a pop-up launch bar like the other solid TV interfaces on the market. There are large colourful tiles that appears atop the screen that leaves your view in place while accessing the menu. This is a welcomed approach just as LG did with their WebOS, an improvement that removes the need to bring forth a separate hub screen. There is enough App support on the VIDAA U – 4K and HDR Versions of Amazon Video, Netflix and YouTube are all available. There is also a feature for a full suite of UK catchup for BBC, ITV, All 4 and some others. As at the latest update to reach the NU9700, Freeview play is available; a feature which is quite effective in integrating catchup services with current program guide. The catchup then allows you utilize your Freeview and dig into as far back as 7 days for missed programs to rendezvous.

The Hisense NU9700 Performance

We are glad to say that the NU9700 is doesn’t just look the premium part but also delivers excellent viewing angles suitable for any living room. The TV performs almost as well as it looks, and will do well to hold its own out there against fair competition of mid-rangers. For starters, the UHD premium TV has a peak luminance of 1000 nits, which guarantees that the TV will render fine differences in level of brightness during usage. The device has very impressive levels of black for an LCD TV. This does not mean its level of blackness is off the charts (the OLEDs are saddled with such responsibilities), but it is perfect enough to find the right balance, always looking black and never grey. There is a fine shadow detailing that ensures that you get to see everything that goes on behind the scenes in movie scenes staged in night time.

The Hisense NU9700 4K performance

Next is the 4K performance. The Hisense NU9700 has a clear and sharp 4K picture reproduction. The colours are quite vivid, and while not looking like the overly brushed-up display that plagued the Hisense N6800, they still manage to stray a tad bit off natural. In the cases of 1080p videos, the Hisense gallantly rides the wave, delivering a visually appealing and noise-free image.

The Hisense NU9700 Gaming

The gaming mode will be pleasing to hardcore Xbox or PlayStation lovers as the input lag climbs some 37ms, which isn’t excellent, but is good for casual and everyday gaming use.

The audio quality from the Hisense NU9700 is decent and we were pleased with the sound quality. There might be a need to buy a sound bar if you want to bring the kick, but with the current speaker performance, you’ll comfortably get through most movies and streaming just fine.

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