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  • 31/07/2017.

If you are searching for a robotic lawnmower that gets the job done, we recommend that you place the McCulloch ROB R600 on your list of potential purchases – if possible, somewhere around the top of the list. Although it will set you back around £850, there are however a lot of factors to consider, which make it worth the money. These factors will be pointed out as we discuss what we found out when we tested the device.

Things we liked in the McCulloch ROB R600:

  • Low noise at 59dB(A).
  • Agility and autonomous operation.
  • Micro-blade system that finishes all the work for you.
  • Compactness and small size.

Things we did not like in the McCulloch ROB R600:

  • Installation and setup took a while.
  • It has a high price tag.
  • The battery life is relatively short.


The McCulloch ROB R600 is packaged in a large cardboard box, which has images and important specifications of the lawnmower highlighted on it. Once you open the box you will see the mower itself sitting comfortably in an interior cardboard frame and covered with bubble wrap, so the makers are not taking any chances with packaging so as to avoid damage during delivery or shipping. Good thinking!!

The mower does not come alone. It comes with a charging station and power supply, quick start guide, paperwork, operations manual and different cellophane bags in which you will find other installation components like pegs, boundary wires and connectors.

All you need as far as installation is concerned is clearly illustrated and shown in the quick start guide so you do not have any extra worries of installation. The only bit of work involved is pegging the boundary wire around the perimeter of the area you want to trim.


Total score


The performance of the McCulloch ROB R600 was remarkable when were tested it. It was not designed to be a show off or contain unnecessary features. Exactly the things that were stated on the box were what we found the lawn mower to do.It was obviously not intended to cover a large cutting path, after all, given the size it can only deal with a small area of grown grass. Leaving the McCulloch R600 on its own for a day, we were not constantly aware that the mower was in action. In fact, we totally forgot it and at the end, it executed the job well, leaving the lawn looking great and freshly cut.The question is why stress yourself when you can sit down and have a drink with burgers to go alongside it? This is answered by The McCulloch. All the while the mower operates, you would not have any reason to stand up or do anything at all for that matter. The mower would never get stuck or lost or run out of battery. What more can a user ask for? I guess you should just sit back and relax while your mower does all the work.The kind of performance you get to enjoy with The McCulloch does not exactly come cheap and it is not the best choice if your garden is a very large one, but if you can afford it then by all means go for it.

See our Review video of the McCulloch ROB R600 here:

Features and Design

The mower operates with low noise at 57 dB(A) and autonomously, too. It comes in two colours, black and yellow, and its dimensions are 590 x 440 x 260 mm. It weighs 7kg and has an LCD display with 15 buttons on a separate keypad. The battery type is Li-ion and it takes about 50 minutes to fully charge and can mow for up to an hour and five minutes with a fully charged battery. It can cut grass of 20 mm/ 0.79 inch minimum and 50 mm/1.97-inches maximum height.


The McCulloch ROB R600 can be operated even under the rain and it is equipped with a lift sensor, anti-theft alarm, time lock, tilt sensor, installation lock, an easy carry-handle and a stop button. This lawnmower is designed to completely finish the job for you as the work of packing or bagging up cut grass for disposal is totally eliminated. It features a unique micro-blade system, which chops the already cut grass into tiny bits which you would not need to pack for disposal. The tiny bits will naturally serve as fertilizer to the lawn all over again. This, we think is its most impressive feature.


Once you have got your McCulloch ROB R600 charged and you have marked the area you want to cut, set the robotic mower in action. There is a control panel that comes with the mower, which has 15 control buttons and an LCD display screen. It is with this pane that you will communicate with the mower. Once you start the McCulloch R600, you will see a setup wizard, where you can set a password and time. After that you will get a prompt to start then you close the hatch mounted on top of the mower. Once the hatch is closed, the R600 goes into action and starts to cut. When it gets close to the boundary wires, it detects, backs up and sets off on a new course.

Robotic Movement

The R600 does not have a preset pattern of movement. It continuously moves in unpredictable directions until it has reached the whole area, where you have marked for it to work. If there are obstructions in the area, the mower simply backs up and tries another way different from where the obstruction is. The main mode of operation of the McCulloch is that it should always continue to operate and never get stuck in anything. Should there be a reason for it to get stuck or malfunction, it would always go back to its base station. When the battery gets low, it returns to its base station as well.

Compared to other lawn mowers, the McCulloch R600 is quiet and doesn’t give off more than a low buzz. At 59dBA, the silent operation is really impressive and you would particularly love it, too. You can easily set up a night-time mowing plan and not be concerned about disturbing your neighbours. Overall, it comes off as a well-thought out product.

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