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Garmin Nuvi 58LM Review

By Allyson W | 17/11/2016 07:45:11

The Garmin Nuvi 58LM is a car GPS with preloaded maps of Canada and US. It features a 5-inch color screen that can be set in portrait or landscape orientation, the 68Lm is the 6 inch version of this. It is designed to keep navigation very simple, without any premium features, like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and capacitive touch screen, but it comes with all the important features a driver need to start navigating. It is a simple rectangular device with a Garmin logo and a 5-inch display that is suitable for standard vehicles. No bells or whistles here but then at this price would not expect any.

Garmin Nuvi 58LM Review


Nuvi 58LM top feature is its free lifetime map updates. You can update it by downloading new maps onto the device via Garmin's website for free. However this is not an ideal scenario as you can really keep this connected all the time to a PC, so real time traffic and the like is not a feature here.

Garmin Nuvi 58LM Review


With Nuvi 58LM you have a better chance of finding restaurants, hotels or gas station. Like the rest of the Nuvi line, the 58LM has a numerous point of interest. Out of the major GPS brands, it is only Garmin that currently offers the highest number of point of interest. Garmin partnered with Foursquare to have more accurate and relevant descriptions. Whenever you are searching for a point of interest, the Foursquare-powered search results will appear on the screen. The Foursquare’s integration is the main reason why an internet connection is not needed, or so they say, but then, again, at this price it is a bit of a bargain and an excellent first time driver GPS.

Garmin Nuvi 58LM Review


The device can be oriented either horizontally or vertically, and you can mount it in your car in the way that appears the least intrusive with the suction cup mount.


The Nuvi 58LM has a 5-in resistive touchscreen and not capacitive display. On the resistive screens, you can't pinch to zoom, and it is less responsive. The graphics are pretty harsh in on the eye, and sometimes it is not easy to understand the visuals at a glance when driving. The graphics is old, it looks old and feels old, and however, it does do its job. The menu navigation is also a bit long winded here, with some aspects taking more than one jab at the screen to get up.

Garmin Nuvi 58LM Review


  • Affordable
  • Foursquare Point of Interest
  • Lifetime update


  • No premium features
  • No Live updates
  • Resistive touchscreen
  • Poor graphics

Garmin Nuvi 58LM Review


The GPS comes with power cable and a suction cup mount. You can add upgrades to this entire package in the form of a rear view camera that is surprisingly easy to pair with this device, this camera gives you a clear rear view which makes this, actually , not such a bad present or purchase for a first time driver as this help s quite a lot before you get the hang of reversing. Another little grips is its battery life that’s only two-hour, but then this GPS is dedicated to driving and should not be used outside the car for much. The 58LM does not come with any Bluetooth-enabled features, no speakerphone functionality, these are the practical features you can found in other premium GPS.


The Nuvi 58LM is a good offline navigation device, one of the best for this price. The lifetime updates feature is brilliant and much needed. The GPS displays directions and alerts accurately. The price is also good considering its simple navigation functions which, again, are functional, but the graphics performance is rather poor.

Garmin Nuvi 58LM Review