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  • 10/10/2017.

The Eko Smart Bin is stylish, sleek and slim space-saving design and this Phantom Sensor Bin means that with its split butterfly lid you will be able to fit this unit into tight spaces including underneath worktops and breakfast bars. The two separate compartments in one unit will enable you to separate your general waste and recycling and ultimately allowing you to save precious space in your kitchen. For the most hygienic and pleasant experience possible, the sensor opens with just a wave of your hand and closes itself quietly after 6 seconds. It also has a manual stay-open capability.

We loved the Eko Smart Bin cause:

  • Great bin liner system
  • Great to have two bins in one
  • Sensor works perfectly
  • Safety system is great
  • Looks great!

Bits we disliked about the Eko Smart Bin:

  • Battery powered, would be good with a wall power option as well.
  • Could be a little bigger.

Eko Smart Bin Design

The Eko Phantom refuse bins is constructed from a sleek exterior made from silver matt Stainless Steel, with a smudge, smear, fingerprint and rust resistant finish that stays looking cleaner longer.

It has a unique vented plastic base for easy cleaning and odour control. it has an intelligent bag system that offers a removable rim that secures your disposable plastic bin liner in place and certainly out of vision, No ugly bag hanger over. The rim has two folding interior handles to wrap your bag around for a nice and tidier look. The handles then fold down and lock into place. Grip the same handles to lift your bag out and empty the household waste! it's clean, convenient, and smart.

The main bin compartment actually holds two plastic bins coloured Black and Yellow so you can sort your recycling and general waste at the same time with the same bin.


Total score


Works a treat, if you need a simple enough bin that you can use as a dual waste storage then this is the one for you. Its sensors work perfectly and the safety feature that stops it from closing if there is something in the way is great if you have kids and or, indeed, a pet.

Eko Smart Bin Space saver

Ideally suited for those narrow, tall, restricted & tough spaces that allow you to capitalise on space.

It's a smart waste disposal storage, which means it helps you keep your home hygienic, clean and certainly tidy. But most impressive is its butterfly lid that opens from the middle outwards. This means that that the lid is smaller, so the litter bin fits more comfortably in-between household appliances, kitchen cabinets and underneath worktop surfaces. The sleek rectangular flat sided design also sits well against the end of any island or snuggling against kitchen cabinets.

See our Video Review of the Eko Smart Bin

Eko Smart Bin infrared motion sensor

The new 2017 automatic butterfly bin, now has infrared motion sensors built into the lid, with a digital countdown display indicators, hence opens on the approach of your hand, elbow or even your backside when your hands are full. This allows you to comfortably dispose of your unneeded waste without the need of touching the dustbin. The lid closes automatically, softly and quietly just after 6 seconds.

Eko Smart Bin Override

However, the kitchen waste butterfly bin can be over-ridden by simply pressing the open and close button as a manual function. Should you be frustrated with pet’s children or guests been playful with the autobin, simply lock it by switching off the sensors! This gives you the opportunity to open and close the lid manually.

Eko Smart Bin Safety system

This bin is certainly easy to use and even has a safety mechinism that will stop the butterfly lid from closing if it traps your hand, which you can pull away easily and painfree before shutting the lid manually

Eko Smart Bin Batteries

You will need x6 AA batteries and you must remember to turn the switch on which is located on the underside of the lid unit.

Eko Smart Bin Specifications

Bin Capacity- 20 & 20 Litres

Bin Finish- Stainless Steel

Touch Switch Panel

Soft Close For A Noise-Free Environment

Stay Open Function

Fingerprint Resistant

Batteries Required- 6x AA Batteries

Size- 27 x 46 x 66cm (WxDxH)

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