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DJI Osmo Mobile Review

By Allyson W | 31/10/2016 09:25:58

The DJI Osmo Mobile is a device that stabilizes your mobile camera, and it’s now been released. With your phone camera, you can make your video look smooth and good. The DJI Osmo Mobile is a three-axis motor-powered stabilizer with a flexible phone mount. The stabilizer uses its motors to stabilize any movement or unexpected shake in order to keep every shot steady. This handheld phone stabilizer works perfectly if you are standing still, or in your car when you are riding, even if you choose to chase your kids around when having a fun time, the DJI will help you to have a steady shot that will help you keep the memories alive.

DJI Osmo Mobile


DJI Go Mobile App

The DJI stabilizer stands out from others with the Go mobile app. The moment you connect your smartphone to DJI through Bluetooth, the app gives you the total control of the camera and full access to many features that is available on the stabilizer

DJI Osmo Mobile


One of the features is the ActiveTrack, and it is a feature copied from DJI's drones that allow you to focus on an image by simply drawing a box around the object with your finger. Once it locks on, the device will pan and tilt automatically to keep the image in your shot. The device can also take a high-resolution panorama by snapping at least nine pictures as it pans across the scene, before putting the shots together. The Go app let you stream live to YouTube, and you don’t have to worry about because the stabilization guarantee handheld long-exposure shots.

DJI Osmo Mobile


Above all, you get physical joystick controls for tilting and panning the camera and shutter and record release buttons. The joystick can be customized, with adjustments for sensitivity as well as the pan and tilt settings. You can manually move the camera into position with your hand so you can set your shot the way you want it. There is a trigger on the front falls right under your forefinger. By pressing and holding it and the camera locks position, and while the camera stay focused on your subject, it doesn’t matter whether you raise or lower your hand it remain locked on the subject. By double-clicking the trigger it centers the camera, and a triple tap changes your phone from back camera to the front camera for selfie mode. There is no tripod mount alternative apart from the grip, but there is an accessory support on the left side of DJI that works perfectly with an extension rod, which in turn can be mounted on a tripod stand. There is also vehicle and bike mounts that come with an extra cost, and this accessory can turn your smartphone into a stabilized action camera.

DJI Osmo Mobile


The battery of this device is removable, and it is located in the handgrip, the battery can work up to 4 hours when it’s in use, and it can be fully charged within 2 hours. If you want an extra battery, you can also get it for an additional cost.

DJI Osmo Mobile


So far the DJI Osmo Mobile is an extraordinary device, and its price is the best you can get considering several features it offers. The Osmo had an optional bracket for bolting your phone for live preview. The arms are adjustable so you will have no trouble fitting any size of a smartphone in it, and it locks tightly to stop your smartphone from falling off.

The price is, however, an slight issue as you would need a relatively good mobile camera to fully unitize the Osmo as else whats the point of having it?

DJI Osmo Mobile