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  • 02/10/2017.

With the Capsule Espresso Machine by Xiaomi you Brew your favorite coffee at home using the 19-bar pump pressure to extract the full flavor locked in every ready-to-use capsule. The Xiaomi SCISHARE Capsule Espresso Coffee Machine 9-level cup choices let you customize flavor strength to your liking. The height-adjustable drip tray accommodates cups of all sizes, and the machine can automatically switch off after 15 minutes of inactivity for your safety and energy saving. The one-button design and LED indicator make the operation more visual and easier. Its small body with compact appearance makes it easy to place anywhere. SCISHARE cooperates with many coffee brands, selects the premium coffee capsule from Europe. Thus, you will have different choices when purchasing coffee capsule.

popular and convenient

Capsule coffee machines are getting popular because they are faster and more convenient as compared to ordinary coffee makers. The capsules used serve you a fragrant and smooth coffee and are hermetically sealed plastic containers with a portion of milled coffee beans usually of 9–10 grams. The capsule is put into a capsule holder manually. Then the machine punctures the foil and runs hot water through the capsule with a pressure, which then flows out from the bottom of the capsule right into your cup. Here is what you should remember about a capsule coffee machine:

• a capsule does not lose its taste or aroma;

• the machine makes a cup of coffee much quicker;

• there is no whirling noise as it does not grind the coffee beans;

• the machine is easy to maintain


Total score


Easy to use, simple to clean and an ability to fine tune the coffee strength! Combine all of those advantages with a multi capsule system then you have yourself a winner!

Our video review on the Xiaomi SCISHARE Capsule Espresso Coffee Machine

China based new comer

Scishare Inc. is a China-based company. “Slow down and enjoy your cup of coffee” is the main motto of this up-and-coming coffee machine maker. Its high-end smart coffee machines and accessories will win the heart of every coffee lover and allow to begin the day with a piquant, hot and bracing cup of coffee.

Good coffee

Scishare can make one of the fastest finest coffee you will ever taste. It might be even better than a coffee from your favorite shop. Scishare uses innovative brewing system to give you smooth and rich coffee instantly.

We all have our favorite mug to drink coffee from. There is something about it that feels good and safe. Scishare offers high clearance under the dispensing nozzle so that you could use cups of up to 85 ml and look forward to your morning coffee even more.

Coffee strength

Some prefer coffee to be mild, others like it moderate or strong and full-bodied. Scishare permits to control the quantity of liquid that it gives in your coffee. Depending on the size of the mug you are going to be using choose what you feel is more tasty for you. The control is at your finger tip — use the toggle and pick one of the nine levels of coffee strength.

New coffee extraction

Scishare is equipped with a new coffee extraction technology to be able to prepare the most delicious espresso quickly and fuss-free. The machine forces water at the ideal temperature through the coffee capsule using a high-pressure ULKA pump imported from Italy. The pressure of the pump is 19 bars which allows creating a crema that with rich flavors and aromas.

Low maintenance

Besides the high quality of coffee Scishare is also very low-maintenance. It is way more fun than cleaning a regular coffee machine from all the residues. After the capsule is used the machine automatically takes it to its own garbage compartment. This coffee maker has a 0.54L water tank, which means you will have to refill it not too often.

It very easy to operate as there are only two buttons and one toggle to switch between the levels of coffee strength. Scishare also has a useful auto-power off feature to help you save energy in case it is not being used. The machine will switch off after 15 minutes of inactivity.

Multi capsule

Many coffee making machines are made to be used with a specific brand of coffee capsules. That means that you are tied to using coffee capsules of one or two brands, which limits your choice of flavor. Scishare allows various coffee capsule brands for you to be able to try our more flavors.

Main Features:

Quick and easy operation

Simply turn and press, enjoy the sweet and smooth coffee

High pressure pump

Superior extraction system which delivers up to 19 bar pressure

Customize every cup

Innovative 9-level system lets you customize the flavor strength to suit all tastes

15min automatic shutoff

It can automatically switch off after 15 minutes of inactivity

Adjustable drip tray

Fit all sizes of cups

Small body with compact appearance

Can be placed anywhere, even on the office table

Compatible with multi-brand coffee capsules

You have different choices when purchasing coffee capsule


Power rating: 1200W

Frequency rating: 50Hz

Input voltage: 220 - 240V

Pump pressure: 19 bar

Water tank capacity: 580ml

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