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  • Mr Steven Right |
  • 02/06/2017.


  • The Retro Colour and Design
  • Easy to use
  • Very easy to clean


  • Its limited amount of sugar per go, we want more.

And here is the candy floss maker by SMART! We took our time on this one and managed to become quite proficient in making candy floss and the machine performed flawlessly. It also does sugar free candy floss and that’s intriguing by itself.Our video shows not only us trying the machine out, but also the unboxing of it, it will show the product in its entirety and we have to say it’s good.


Its retro red design really fits into any modern kitchen and the size of it shows that it’s a real machine and not a toy.

The top measures xx cm the height xx cm and the candy floss opening xx cm.

The weight is xx kg and it has suction cups as feet to hold it in place which is what is needed on a device that spins sugar using heat, we don’t want this machine to, in any way, fall over.

You also get two handy candy floss holders, in plastic, which are completely reusable.


Total score


This Candy Floss maker is a perfect way to have fun with friends young and old alike. You make your own in the flavour you like and as big as you can safely hold. Who could resist a mouthful of sweet fluff that instantly takes you back to your childhood fairground days? Its ease of use and cleaning and sugary or sugar-free deliciousness of the candy floss makes it a go to purse friendly party trick.

Running the candy floss machine

After assembly simply switch the power switch to on and let it run for 5 minutes if you have hard candy to use or 10 minutes if you have any other sugar candy.

After that switch the machine off and add the candy.

We have never used a machine like this before and it took us a few times to get the gist of making the perfect candy floss stick. The way you hold it is all important here!

You hold it over the machine, not into it, and then simply slowly peel off candy to create layers of candy floss on the stick.

Sounds easy, well, it is, with a bit of practice.

You can also make multiple passes using different candies to make a lollipop effect stick, with multiple tasting candy (if you have them) and cool colour variations.

Hard Candy

This is how the hard candy reacts when placed in to the machine. This hard candy in lemon flavour came in a pack from Smart. It produced a lovely aroma around the kitchen.

It makes the candy floss almost instantly and its really fun to see it working.

SMART Candy packs

We know that SMART products also have a range of candy floss candies in a pack, so do look out for that.

However, all hard candies will work in this machine and there are a massive range of them out there with an equal massive range of colours and flavours.

Cleaning the candy floss machine

Do note that a lot of candy build up around the inside of the machine, but this did not in any way stop the top from being easily dismantled.

Cleaning it was a complete doddle and just required hot water to melt the candy off the inside shroud walls.

The same with the candy spinner, some hot water and it’s all gone.

What’s in the box

The package is clean and has got the standard Anti Tampering sticker by SMART that we like so much.

Inside the pack you will find the comprehensive instruction manual, the spinner head, the top plastic shroud, the bottom shroud, the SMART Candy Floss machine itself and a couple of colourful plastic candy floss sticks.

The instruction book contains detailed texts about:

• Important precautions and safeguards.

• Parts and machine assembly instructions.

• How to operate.

• Helpful tips.

• Cleaning and maintenance.

• And some fun various recipes to try out.

• Returns and warranties.

And this instruction manual is also translated into Spanish and French.

And that’s it, that’s what you have in the box.

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