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Bragi Dash review

By Allyson W | 09/01/2017 09:26:01

If you have never spent a day with these Bragi Dash wireless earbuds, you are missing out. Bragi wireless earbuds are small, and light and you quickly forget that they are in your ears while music is playing right inside your head at an astonishing quality level, both in terms of high notes and also really good bass effect. Bragi has truly bounced back with a pair of headphones that prove a point that they are still in the game beyond all doubt, and they name it “The Headphone.” The Headphone Dash by Bragi was announced back in September 2016, just a few days before headphone jack was replaced with AirPods by Apple. Coincidence, maybe. The wireless headphone pop out of their charging case and straight into your ears, and they can connect to virtually any device, making it a decent and true wireless headphone and at a really truly heavy price but they come with some good features that has yet been replicated on any other headset buds like this.

Bragi Dash review


The German company has finally delivered on its promise with a pair of beautiful wireless earbuds that actually work. Unlike the previous Dash earbuds from Bragi, which was a failure and now a lost product that promised fitness tracking, heart rate monitoring, gesture controls, and app but failed to deliver. But, Bragi pulled this off and converted those failures to strength with its second product: The Headphone, which is simpler than Dash with few promises like, streaming audio files from your phone, make or receive a phone call and give you access to your phone’s digital assistant. Moreover, Dash made Bragi understand that it’s not all about fitting dozens of good ideas into one product, which is why the overall experience of the Dash was a mess, especially the Bluetooth connection problem.

Bragi Dash review


Bragi use “The Headphone” to address the problem of connection that was rampant in the Dash wireless earbuds, the new earbuds Bluetooth connection is firm and produce good sound. They sound better than the Dash earbuds. The new earbuds are much lighter than the Dash, and this is the reason why it is more comfortable to wear. The Headphone feel more secure in your ear, because of the lesser weight. According to Bragi, they are "sweatproof," and not fully waterproof like the Dash, and this feature makes it water-resistant enough for a run, and not for a swim.


Bragi announced about six hours of battery life for the new earbuds, and it hit that mark with ease, not much more though so you will have to charge them regularly.

Bragi Dash review


The biggest issue with The Headphone is the replacement of the Dash touch-sensitive controls with three physical buttons located on the right earbud. Another problem is the Headphone’s carrying case. It looks like the Dash’s case, but a bit smaller, and the earbuds can magnetically snap into place, which is a nice. But unlike the previous carrying case, the Headphone case does not have a battery inside. This simply means that, if you burn through the six-hour battery life mark, there won’t be any extra juice option to bring the headphone back to life, until you put them back in the case and plug the case to charge them back up, this could have been fixed by a simple battery inside the case and this we do look for at the next Bragi Dash The Headphone Case upgrade!


Bragi design and manufacture has helped the company to cut the price of the Headphone down to almost half of what the original Dash costs. And Bragi finally delivered what it has promised for years by making truly wireless earbuds that work, the price is heavy, yes, but for what you get this is a good price.

Bragi Dash review



  • Bluetooth connection works perfectly
  • Good sound
  • Strong battery life
  • Light and comfortable


  • The buttons are awkward
  • You can’t charge on the go

Bragi Dash review

Connecting the new earbuds through Bluetooth is easy and as simple as any pair of headphones. There are some issued with it as it’s a bit fiddly when you have to tap the bud to complete the conection, but, once done its done! The Headphone’s battery always hold up and delivered the advertised six hours, but the case doesn’t double up as a charger. But saying that they Auto Off when you take them off and this is a great feature, a real handy power. Also, these earbuds work much better with your Smartphone than they do with a laptop, which is a great thing to be able to say as Smartphone are now firmly in the controlling seat of mobile entertainment and thus these complement them perfectly.

Bragi Dash review