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  • 15/09/2017.

Chromebooks have been designed and introduced by many big shots. HP and Google had earlier made the Chromebook 13 and Chromebook Pixel 2 but neither of these devices gained much ground after Chromebooks decided to counter their basis for production – affordability. With the surge in prices of these premium Chrome OS devices, the Chromebook is quickly fading away. Asus on the other hand introduces its Chromebook Flip device, a Chromebook that sells many features that its higher rivals possess at a reasonable price tag of $500. After evaluating the Chromebook flip, Asus shows that there might yet be light at the end of the tunnel for Chromebooks as the Flip impresses with its 12.5-inch touchscreen display that comes with a convertible design.

What we loved about the Chromebook C302

  • Elegant and highly functional design
  • Hardware specs
  • Affordability
  • Battery life

What we didn’t like bout the Chromebook C302

  • Basic speakers
  • Imperfect app integration

Asus C302 Chromebook Design

The Chromebook Flip C302 follows the laid-down marker that the original Asus Chromebook C100 left. The C302 charms the eye with its anodized-finish and all-aluminium body. The anodized finish is one feature that distinct it from its cousin, the C100, as the latter featured a brushed texture back then. The device is sleek and aesthetically perfect with a clean and symmetrical finish that has the right curves and bends at all the right places. On examining the C302, we found that Asus had done away with the lengthy bar-shaped hinge that the C100 earlier possessed and elected to feature the multi-gear and metal mechanism that is seen in the ZenBook Flip UX360.


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The Asus C302 Chromebook Flip is a remarkable piece of technology taking into its functionality, design, the sheer power and the price! We can but help to think what would happen I we replaced all our laptops here with this C302 Chromebook, productivity could even go up a notch or two. We are very impressed with this machine and its almost bit of a game changer!

Our video review of the Asus C302 Chromebook

Asus C302 Chromebook Hinge

The newer hinge system avails users of a real and efficient feel when using the Chromebook allowing it to sport a regular notebook appearance rather than an almost toy-ish look seen with the C100. The newer Chromebook is weightier and larger than the C100, but this is only due to the delicious amount of improvements packed in the device. The C302 does away with all forms of tininess and cramped up uncomfortable feel that the C100 had and comes with a bigger screen size in contrast to the small, dim and pixelated display of its predecessor.

Asus C302 Chromebook Touchscreen

The touchscreen upgrade means that the Chromebook C302 has a 1920 by 1080 resolution over 12.5 inches of screen compared to the earlier 10.1-inch screen with a 1280 by 800 capacity of the C100. Even with the C302 being significantly heavier than the C100, the external competition has nothing on this device as the C302 is the one of the most light-weight Chromebooks in the market at 1.18Kg, edging out the HP Chromebook that comes in at 1.3Kg. This weight factor also makes the device something that you’ll always want to try in tablet mode. Overall, the design is slick, with a 13 by 9.1-inch width by height dimension that is capped off by a wonderful 0.9-inch thin frame that merges well with its rounded corners and straight edges.

Asus C302 Chromebook all design elements has a real and useful purpose

With the C302, there is a design for purpose, especially with the laudable magnetic clasp that firmly holds the screen lid against the base of the Chromebook; there is no better iteration that this device was made specifically for use as a tablet. This magnetic clasp also helps in making the hybrid Chromebook feel more solid and compact, rather than the flimsy or fragile build that most other 2-in-1s are popularly equipped with.

Once the C302 is not functioning as a tablet, it falls back to the laptop style that leaves users to punch inputs with its classic and solid-feel keyboard. The keys on the Chromebook have a 0.14cm key travel that has evaded most Chromebooks since the market standard changed and started demanding heavily for ultra-slim notebooks. There’s a trackpad that does nothing more but track and navigation without any multi-touch capabilities. There is 2-finger scrolling but nothing exceptional.

Asus C302 Chromebook App functionality

The Chromebook offers plethora of Android apps for its user’s pleasure. Over the years, Google has increased application support for the Chrome OS on the Android integration. One caveat here however is that the Chromebook is not afforded direct access to the Google App store straight out of the box. Instead, the device has to be switched onto the Chrome OS beta to download the apps. There is also issues of scaling up some of these apps on the Chromebook with some text appearing extremely tiny. Controls for games that were designed specifically for touchscreen devices also arose when the C302 opted to control with keyboard and trackpad. Generally, the integration is very good, as it allows users the functionality of running android apps and enjoying the rudiments of the Chrome OS.

Asus C302 Chromebook Specifications and Performance

The C302 is impressively designed with some elegant performing hardware on board. The CPU is a 0.99GHz Intel core m3-6y30 processor that is ridiculously fast especially for a device that comes at this price. The Chromebook worked at optimal performance even when we had 2 windows of Google chrome browser opened with each having 12 tabs running, with a music player and the YouTube App running in the background. That being said, it is not one to compete heads on with the intel core i series that is featured in the Acer Chromebook 14. The GPU is an Intel HD Graphics 515 and there is 4GB of LPDDR3 RAM available to handle tasks and CPU functions.

The Screen as earlier discussed is a 12.5-inch sized display with 1920 by 1080 resolution. There is LED backlit anti-glare technology for effective display and brightness. The screen is impressively lit, but not the type of badass that the Samsung PRO and the QHD that the HP Chromebook 13 high definition offers. There are two USB 3.1 Type-C ports, a microSD card reader for external storage and a 3.5mm headset jack. For connectivity purposes, the C302 Chromebook features the standard Bluetooth 4.2 and an Intel 2x2 802.11ac wireless capacity. There is a 720p webcam for camera and video call purposes that delivers the image very well.

Asus C302 Chromebook Battery life

Battery-wise, the C302 is no different from its ever-durable predecessors. The Chromebook flip lasted a jaw-breaking 10 and a half hours seeing us through several movies that could almost total a single season of Game of Thrones. This capacity is quite impressive considering that the HP Chromebook 13 can only go some 8 hours. With this intensive performance, one can earmark an 8-hour daily standard for the battery. Finally, the sound quality of the Chromebook flip is very good. The C302 has loud speakers and produce a fine audio quality that is basic and not exceptional.

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