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AirSelfie Review

By Allyson W | Updated: 02/04/2017 17:37:35

You know that moment in horror movies when the dead body pops up behind the hero in a new and more diabolical form? For the anti-selfie stick brigade, this moment has just begun and we LOVE IT! This device is a pocket-sized, hovering, 5MP camera that slots into an exclusive smartphone case (for iPhone 6s and 7 or Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge) and exists for one reason – to take extreme and dynamic selfies.

AirSelfie Review

As the Nintendo Classic Mini and Korg microPiano show, there is something addictive about well thought out mini tech, especially new tech like this.

Drones don’t have Nintendo's nostalgia value, but the AirSelfie makes an equally charming first impression.

Instead of its rivals radiantly coloured plastic, it comes with an anodised aluminium frame, solidly built and very very lightweight.

Inside this AirSelfie are four very small propellers which were, apparently sourced from a squadron of gnat biplanes, a 5MP camera and just a 260mAh battery , a tenth of a normal smartphone battery capacity!

AirSelfie Review

The AirSelfie has an additional trick, aside from being attractively small – it is self-stabilising with an auto-hover mode - you leave it in the air and watch as it floats before you to take a selfie. Unfortunately, there isn’t an automatic return-to-hand feature attached to this device but the AirSelfie is quite simple to fly back using the app’s manual controls or, in ‘motion control’ mode, by swerving your phone in the direction you want the drone to go.

Rather than making use of Bluetooth, the AirSelfie has its own local Wi-Fi network. The supporting app consisting of some selfie-perfecting options to assist in amazing selfie taking anywhere you are!

AirSelfie Review

On this device, you can set a delay timer (up to 10 seconds) for when you want to be part of the group photo. Another option is the burst mode (up to ten shots available), adjustable flight speeds, and the choice of setting that crucial selfie angle low or high.

These settings, with a bit of self training is more than enough to make any great self selfi! The device can go up to 20 metres into the air, about the height of a five storey building. No bald patch is safe from the AirSelfie which is by itself one good reason to buy this!

AirSelfie Review


Here comes the big disadvantage of the AirSelfie – the AirSelfie can only fly for three minutes before it needs recharging. With this you need to be sure everyone is set for that group photo.


The AirSelfie can be recharged up to 50% in ten minutes or fully charged in an hour. You do this by sliding it into the named phone case.

AirSelfie Review

What are the photos like from up there? It’s a 5MP camera with no flash, so this is as powerful as the front-facing cameras on most modern smartphones. However, that’s to be expected here! At this size, you don't get much cropping potential, but the anti-vibration systems appear to keep things steady and these are snaps destined for nothing other than social media which is, we believe, where this is targeted to! A great fun device that will have in your pocket from the minute you get it, and we want it! Ships in March and April 2017.

AirSelfie Review