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Sony PlayStation Neo

By David | 11/08/2016 13:20:18

As a gadget enthusiast, you have a fair bit of idea how gadgets keep changing their aesthetics as well as features to keep the pace with the ever changing demand in the markets around the world and to stay at the top of mind awareness of the people a.k.a. customers. Change is inevitable and the same in the electronics market is really very fast. Sony PlayStation (PS) Neo is an endeavour to that direction especially for beating the competition like Xbox Scorpio from Microsoft. However, Sony is expected to give a new gaming

Sony PlayStation (PS) Neo


You should know here that Sony has hurriedly called for a 'PlayStation Meeting' on September 7, 2016, at the PlayStation Theater in Times Square in New York City. The timing for the meeting has been fixed at 3pm there that would be 8pm in UK on the same day. Though nothing specific has come forward from Sony on the agenda of the meeting, it is estimated that the company will reveal the firsthand view of the revamped console.

You will be happy to know that this type of meetings without divulging anything on the agenda isn't really new in the Sony culture especially in the recent times. The same practice was adopted way back in 2012 while Sony revealed its PS4. In short, it may be a strategy of Sony to keep the market abuzz with gossips thereby take the interest level of the people to a new height on the proposed meeting. This will add a positive impact on sale for Sony in the end.

Key features of PlayStation Neo:

  • As apprehended, the Sony PS Neo may be capable of supporting Morpheus with a beefed up processor.
  • The console will have an Ultra HD Blue-ray player. However, to keep things straight, these are all rumours at the moment on the PS Neo.

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